In this dream, I and an old customer and friend were at the customer’s business in San Diego. But it was not an auto parts warehouse, like he actually owned. The company in the dream was developing some sort of aircraft which looked like it was designed before the Wright brothers with a wooden frame and canvas body, but it is supposed to be top-secret and very high tech and modern. Then I was aware we were going to be attacked

Dream Interpretation |Shadow or diabolic fores getting ready to attack. by Japanese soldiers (WWII era). I’m going out the back door of the building and I had a M1 rifle. Right outside in the alley behind the building there were the ruins of a fortress and I went to take a position. The fortress had taken a heavy assault by bombing or artillery, it had basically been blown apart all the walls were down except for of a few feet of crumbling rubble to take cover behind. However, there were places to hide all over it and I picked a place where it would be hard to be seen from any angle of approach.

I would be able to pick off the attacking soldiers as they approached, either as they came out of the back doorway of the building or from an alley on the side of the building but they would not be able to see me. Then in a fantasy inside the dream, I was imaging the attack as I planned my position and could see the attack in the fantasy but there was no real attack in the dream. In the fantasy I could see myself picking them off when they were approaching the ruins from either the alley or from out the back door of the business. At the end of the dream I was just trying to make absolutely sure that they couldn’t get me from any position. I was trying to calculate a position where it would be impossible for them to see me as they approached, but I could pick them off. I really wanted to conceal my vintage point – obsessing.

Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation:

This is another dream in a series of dreams about my new website on dreams. Notice the repetitive nature and the way it has been represented in current dreams. Since this new project of mine is very important to me, it has my attention and both the waking world and the dream world. This dream focuses on the unconscious’s dual role in both trying to make my project a success (conscious level) while on another level, the diabolic or side of the self-care-system would like to destroy it. It wants to keep me from being crushed in reality which it thinks is more devastating than just not getting the work completed.

The dream starts out when I am visiting an old customer of mine from my computer sales days. He has a warehouse in the dream that houses a top-secret project which is a special powerful weapon.

The ‘top secret’ archaically designed airplane represents my dream work. It is my gateway into a new life, a new career. Dreams are archaic, possible pre-lingual, therefore an archaic language is represented by the archaic airplane. The customer I am with was also a friend – someone I felt close and connected with. His character in the dream is a form of myself: we were both adult children of alcoholic’s fathers; we both are business owners; and, he was always stretched to his financial limit like I am myself. Therefore, he is a form of myself in the dream.

The Japanese soldiers are the destructive part of my own mind that seeks to destroy my own work. Procrastination and resistance in pursuit of my goal by not fully engaging is counterproductive. Also, putting my faith in people who have failed me so far. Three web designers who were incompetent and wasted almost a year of my time and $5,000. Was that by accident that I chose these three in a row? I don’t know, but it is something I have to consider.

Dream Interpretation |220px-Japanese_troops_firing_a_heavy_machine_gun

Japanese soldiers (shadow forces) of World War II era were dedicated fighters who did not surrender – they would hold out to the end. They were relentless much like the shadow/diabolic (negative part of my psyche), this part of my mind is represented by the Japanese soldiers. The fortress is my defense system. It is starting to break down due to my constant bombardments through psychoanalysis and dream work. (Breaking down defenses is a good thing in psychoanalysis – it is one of the goals.) I have always had an affinity for classic fortresses – a connection with my defensive nature. My older dreams were filled with exquisite fortresses with highly advanced weaponry (from the 500 BC era) catapults and other defensive machinery design by none other than Archimedes himself. (See “Defense Mechanism” dream)

Now, this fortress is just a rubble and has been reduced to a few crumbling half walls. But I can still use it effectively due to my dedication to defense and my destructive negative side (shadow – diabolic) to assure my own defeat if I get bogged down in my defensive posture. So my own character in the dream, the dream ego soldier, serves a dual purpose – one that is positive and one that is negative. This single soldier is going to defend the fortress which if held saves the secret project – he plans to protect it and kill off the destructive forces of the unconscious shadow represented by the Japanese soldiers, the diabolic side. Additionally he is concerned with eliminating the attackers both from within and without. The soldiers coming from within the warehouse are the internal subconscious shadow – diabolic forces. The soldiers coming down the alley could be the real world forces or threats such as incompetent programmers and designers possible competitors and time and money.

The question is will this one soldier fall into his old defensive pattern and stay in the fortress obsessed with defense or will he go back into the warehouse when the fight subsides and make the plane take off, and have his dream take flight? The latter alternative is the positive piece of the subconscious sometimes referred to as the “personal spirit” which is now gaining a stronger position. The “dream ego” soldier is looking for a position where neither the internal or external attackers can get to him. This shadow – diabolic side seems to want the plane destroyed to “save me” from being hurts so it keeps me passive, into addictions and negative thinking, so that I will not take the risks necessary to move ahead in life again. In this sense it thinks it is saving me – hence it is the sometimes called the “self-care system”. The stronger my ‘spirit’ becomes after having been ‘protected’ by the self-care system for many years – the more I will be willing to take risks and strive for my goal consistently. I believe this is why this material is being pushed forward in my dreams – so the conscious becomes aware and the ‘spirit’ part is allowed to release the energy of motivating force that has been dormant for so long. —- the decision-maker as far as it decides whether or not the dreamer’s spirit will be let go to face a new challenge or will the diabolic/self-care system hold onto its defensive nature and let the diabolic destructive side rule? I am going to guess that dreams are remembered when the ‘human spirit/ motivational force makes a decision for the positive and tries to reveal the dreamer’s impasse.

Dream Interpretation |220px-OkinawaMarineCaveDemolition

In this dream’s struggle, the shadow – diabolic side is trying to ferret out the ‘dream ego soldier’ so the diabolic can remain in control while simultaneously the soldier is defending the positive side (The Top Secret Airplane). The constant bombardment of the fortress through dream work and therapy continues to breakdown the defensive fortress which will shift the soldier out of his defensive position and, hopefully, into the positive decision making role by passing details to assist in growth from the subconscious memory over to the conscious side or at least to downplay or ignore the shadow – diabolic/ self-destructive side. However, the determination to defend the defensive position with the same determination of a WWII Japanese soldier could cause failure – and the position is formidable. Therefore, continuation of therapy and dream work should continue to assure our soldier does not return to his defensive posture.

These are the types of battles that rage in many people’s minds while they sleep. Dream work helps to expose these type of traps or impasses that cause many of us to go around in circles or have difficulty making progress which would lead to happiness, satisfaction or enjoyment in their life. Dream work or interpretation allows the dreamer to consciously focus on impasses and it is the dreamer’s job to catch themselves in their destructive acts (i.e. addiction) and change or alter their behavior. This is not a fast or easy process, but much more expedient than the option of waiting for things to take their course.

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