This dream is about the positive effect a relationship can have on one’s life.

Dream: Relationship – Born Again Pagan

Relationship Dream Meaning|


I am at the farm of my mother’s first cousin. Her and her husband always had reunions there, and I always felt welcome and comfortable there – which was unusual for me– normally I felt like I did not fit in. There was a pond in the dream with a shallow end – the vegetation surrounding the shore line and which grew in the shallow end was bright and vibrant. Large lily pad like leaves which were a dark rich green lay so thickly across that end of the pond that a family of rabbits could hop across the pond on these leaves – two adult and four bunnies. All the life forms were fascinating – plants, flowers and creatures abounded. Then I went to the side of the pool where several people appeared to have just dived in and I followed them without hesitation. The water was perfect, I felt very comfortable – then I noticed a couple of alligators – I was alarmed for a second then someone told me they were friendly and they swam right by – I think I petted one or it came really close to me and I knew it was friendly – I felt alive and connected with everyone and everything.

Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation: Relationship – Born again Pagan

How unusual a happy dream. This dream represents life beginning anew. About two weeks ago, a woman I knew who had left town about a year ago, unexpectedly pulled up to my parking spot as I was pulling out. She was in LA and wanted to see me again. I rearranged my schedule and we spent two days together. I have very positive feeling towards this woman and I know she likes me. The positive and open expression between the two of us released some of the anger that has pent up my ability to feel love and okay in the world. A relationship can really change one’s perspective on life.

Relationship Dream Interpretation |Lisa

Life affirming feelings arose that are represented by the lush vegetation and bunny rabbits – pagan symbols of fertility and life beginning (hence the Easter Bunny in spring). It has been almost eight years since I slept with a woman – and a very attractive one at that who is 15 years younger than me. I am 60 and it made me feel very young indeed. But I felt very comfortable with her – I knew she liked me before and she liked to hang out with me before she moved away. I felt very comfortable in her arms – almost like unconditional love – she just accepts me, for who I am – even though most people find me a bit unusual and strange. After all, it is a bit peculiar trying to make a living by interpreting your dreams – something most people don’t understand and half the psychologists believe are meaningless.

So, I am diving back into the water even though I know that alligators are there (I believe there were two of them – two ex-wives). Entering into a relationship can be risky business. Also, there were four small bunnies and I have four children – and it is good to see them full of life. The farm in reality did not have a pond, but had an old damn and the water below it was deep enough to swim in for a few strokes – but not to dive and it was really cold water – even in summer, but we always enjoyed going up there and jumping in. The alligators are my past relationships – that ended up being rather difficult situations, therefore I am apprehensive about the alligator’s presence in the water when I first encounter them.

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Emotions and Sexual Themes in Dreams – from Wikipedia


In the Hall study, the most common emotion experienced in dreams was anxiety. Other emotions included abandonment, anger, fear, joy, and happiness. Negative emotions were much more common than positive ones.[87]

Sexual themes

The Hall data analysis shows that sexual dreams occur no more than 10% of the time and are more prevalent in young to mid-teens.[87] Another study showed that 8% of both men and women’s dreams have sexual content.[89] In some cases, sexual dreams may result in orgasms or nocturnal emissions. These are colloquially known as wet dreams.[90]

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