Recovery from PTSD – A Dream Part I

Recovery PTSD is not a simple task and it is an ongoing process not a specific event that happens at a given moment – like a cure or ‘touchdown’. Different type therapies work for different people, keep trying different approached until you find the ones you feel fit you best. (Due to Google’s influence ‘recovery PTSD’ is used to mean ‘recovery from PTSD’.

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The Dream: Window in the Sky

I am in a sleeping bag out in front of my house at night to watch the sky, I anticipate an astronomical event. A circle appears in the sky where the outer circumference is a rainbow caused by a diffraction of light. The sun is shinning on two different planets, I clearly see one of the planets and the sun is shinning directly on it, and a bright ray is being reflected out into space. Then I realize that the two rays have intersected causing this hole or window to appear in the sky. Then images begin to appear in the circle – there was a caravan with camels and Arabs dressed in traditional
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white robes. The camels were loaded with goods. I wasn’t sure if the images were from the past or the present and was trying to figure that out. I am trying to explain the phenomenon to my nephew, my son and Carmen, my maid from 25 years ago. I am trying to explain that the celestial window is caused from the reflection of the sun off two other planets. Light was coming from two different sources and this hole surrounded by a rainbow was located where the rays of light intersected.

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Russell, Andrew and Carmen head towards a car and get into it. It is parked on the other side of the street where there is an old abandoned airfield –old Air Force field. I sense they are trying to get away from me so they do not have to listen to my theories.
I was trying to explain the phenomenon but they didn’t seem to understand and did not seem to be interested in learning.

Large trucks were going down the road.


Dream meaning or dream interpretation Recovery PTSD Part I


The circle with the rainbow around its circumference was caused by the intersection of two rays of light reflecting off of two different planets. I can see the sunlight hitting one of the planets.

Dream Interpretation Recovery from PTSD dream interpretation PTSD

The dream meaning of this phenomenon could be the positive effect I am receiving from a new relationship with a woman –we are the two different planets– and the sun is the positive energy/warmth that relationships can bring into play/emotion or a feeling or sense of“being”. The intersection creates a new way of seeing things – positive enough to make me feel as if I can fly.

We are both seeking a positive direction in life and the paths of our energy seem to have intersected which would be the dream meaning of the two rays of light intersecting. The window inside the rainbow offers a view of a hopeful future – the camel caravan might represent the trip I have planned to go and meet her in Kiev. We both have had breakdowns, and recovered to take new directions or paths in life. Recover PTSD makes it possible to have these kind of experiences in life.

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This window or opening is surrounded by a rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and in Jungian terms a symbol of personal growth. Both of us have experienced a lot of personal growth and since the circle can be looked at as two rainbows, our joining together offers us a lot of hope or promise.

Dream Interpretation Rainbow

Put two of these together and you will have a circle!

The intersection of the rays has created this hole or window in the sky. In the beginning of the dream, the sky is a ‘night sky’ which can represents the unconscious if I go with a Jungian approach. The relationship is now opening up a new window into consciousness– because a caravan is bringing goods to bear, bringing goods to market – new thoughts, new life. The caravan is shown in the sunlight, which would be a positive perspective. For thousands of years camel caravans were the route for exchanging ideas between cultures. Philosophy is thought to have begun in Greek cities in the western seaside cities in Turkey, like Miletus and Ephesus, where many trade routes from the far east ended.

Dream interpretation recovering from PTSD dream interpretation PTSD

The large trucks going down the road are modern caravans – moving massive quantities of information between the hemispheres of the brain maybe? All of the bits that make up an image on a computer – and these images are moved very quickly in dreams – the amount of storage and the massive number of neurons required to make these images move and supply meaning to the dreamer would have to be enormous.

This could also represent the left versus the right hemispheres of the brain–and their intersection– moving information back-and-forth to give you better fix on reality by trying to balance the worldview which is open (right hemisphere) with that of a closed self focused perspective (left hemisphere). – More light is being shown onto the situation. The window seems to bring distant things into close focus. A relationship forces one out of the closed system of the self.

Not understanding or trying to get in the car or people not understanding what I am trying to do with these dreams– Not everyone is interested in your recovery PTSD. They might want you to be recovered from your PTSD, but be spared the details.

My recovery PTSD was achieve through psychotherapy, Alcoholics Anonymous, dream work and trying many other alternative therapies until I found the ones that worked for me. Recovery PTSD allows for better relationships.

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Map with Miletus – Wikipedia- Eric Gaba

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