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Spark of Life – Spirit reunifies Mind and Body

Spirit Reunites with the Mind and Body – Spark of Life

Defense Mechanism – Seeking Serenity

Defense Mechanisms – Change in Behavior -Abandoning the Walls

Crusading Army

Emotional Impasse – Subconscious – Impasse Caused by Anger and Fear – Defense Mechanisms



had made my way out into the world years ago and was successful as a salesman in the computer industry. However, after a series of setbacks had a mental breakdown. After some recovery, I have ventured out into the world again, this time trying a totally different alternative. Building this website and planning to make a new career working with dreams and teaching others how to interpret them. Needless to say, I have run into my fair share of new obstacles. So, perhaps this is the cause of the feeling of needing to seek shelter again.

The fortress is old an abandoned, because, before my sales career, I made extensive use of defense mechanisms due to being raised in an alcoholic environment. But, I had broken somewhat free for over 25 years through therapy and sobriety. But, now, I feel and urge to return to the safety of these walls. So, the fortress is old and abandoned, because it is the fortress I originally sought shelter in but had left 25 years before. I am familiar with type of emotional impasse.

The Blue Line of Life



















Spirit dream is about the ‘energy’ that can be derived if one manages to reconnect their ” spirit ” to their ‘mind and body’, and the obstacles encountered when one tries to discover a new path mid-stream in life. It is a very difficult road for most, but necessary to go down if one wants to have intrinsic satisfaction with their work-life when disoriented or dispassionate during their initial career selection process.

The particles of energy floating in the air are the energy and power that can be released by reconnecting the ‘spirit’ to the mind and body. I am receiving the benefits of this ‘energy’ from the work I have done reconnecting the spirit, represented by the sun, with the ‘mind and body’ represented by the plant. The growth of the plant represents the growth in my life and spirit. My being so sure of myself in the dream comes from having experienced this process in life. The miniature bolt of lightning is the “spark of life” that appears to have returned to my life after a hiatus of 50 some years. I am 62 currently, and I often feel I have more energy, purpose, and direction now than at any other time in my life – as if I had just been marking time all those years just to survive.

It takes a lot of effort to get to this point, especially if you are a trauma survivor– having to cross rivers and going through the middle a somewhat dangerous city. But as I began this quest, the energy came to give me the strength to meet these obstacles. There are setbacks like getting stuck on barges, but then something will happen as a result of your effort and suddenly you will find yourself over the obstacle.


The river could be the emotions that must be dealt with and the dangerous city could be my own mind having to deal with a darker aspect of my shadow/diabolic side. The river and city represent the risks involved when you decide to discover yourself by taking a difficult direction in life. Normally, in my dreams water represents emotions. When trying to change your path in life, my experience was that I definitely had to deal with many of my emotions, which has been a difficult task for me – especially the rage and anger issues.





Defense Mechanisms