Panic Attack – Trapped with No Way Out

Gravity - Panic Attack - Trapped

Cameo Appearance Sandra Bullock – My Spacecraft is Falling Apart – Panic Attack 10-14-2013

The Dream

Controls Breaking Up or Apart – Panic Attack Dream

I am in a spacecraft like the space shuttle – every time I push a button – the button breaks off and floats away and the function cannot be performed – it happens several times – then I go to turn a major valve and it breaks off in my hand and I know we are really in trouble.

Sandra Bullock is on board and she is baffled also – everything is just breaking off when we touch it. We were trying to land but are not able to. However, we can pull up to some type of dock to get instructions and can get some people on board to help.

The Plans or Solution – Panic Attack Dream

International Space Station

I get off the ship to get instructions and brochure that can help fix the problem. Then, I follow a female admiral – tall, blond, no-nonsense woman – back to the ship. Someone else ahead of her went through a hatch, and then held door open for her and then, she, in turn, held it open for me until I got to the point where I could take over, about half way through – the door or hatch had a very heavy spring that tried to force the hatch shut after someone went in – a rectangular slot – very short in height but long in width – so you had to duck and it was awkward to go through.


Becoming the Doorman – Panic Attack Dream

I take control of the door the rest of the way while I am going through and I hold it for the next guy behind me. But, he does not take the door to do his share of the work and he just walks on. Instead of taking the door from me so I can move forward – the guy just passes by without ever having to bear his share of the pressure from the spring. Then, a couple of other guys do the same thing including the guy who now has my manual or instructions. It was as if I was their doorman – and I did not count as much as they did.

Missing the Boat – Panic Attack Dream

After I go through – I discovered that the hatch only leads to another landing dock – I was surprised, I thought it would put me on the spacecraft. Everyone important is getting on the ship. One of the guys in front of me has a panic attack and blocks me from getting on board before they close the door to the spacecraft itself. I hesitated to move around him – I felt it would have rude or uncaring and they close the door without me.

I wanted to be on board because I thought it was an important mission and I wanted to learn. Then, the ship heads out and I am still on the dock which is very tight quarters. I want to leave the docking area, but for some reason, we are locked in, there is no exit – I feel trapped – claustrophobic, horrible feeling – not only did I miss the mission, I am stuck in a horrible place. I start to have a panic attack.

The Panic Attack

I felt like I was going to lose it – like I was on the verge of insanity itself – I was stuck and couldn’t get out. I was incredulous over the fact that they hadn’t designed this area with a way to get out. The stress or pressure on my total body was so great I didn’t think I was going to survive – like I was literally going to explode – go insane – I couldn’t take it – the pressure was so intense. I woke in a full blown panic attack – with a dreadful trapped feeling.

End of dream.

Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation of “Trapped with No Way Out”

As usual, I wanted to just lie down and think about the dream – but I overcame resistance and wrote it down. As I wrote, several other dreams started to pop back to memory – I took notes while I continued to write dream above- I was able to pick up three complete dreams and partials on others.

I had seen the movie “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock a few days before I had the dream. Also, I had just made the first attempt to get my website up and running.

Trapped - Sandra Bullock Panic Attack - Trapped

Everything Breaking – Dream Meaning

The first attempt to build this website had been a fiasco, for over a year I had tried to get this project off the ground. The designer I hired did not know what he was doing and turned out to be drunk half of the time. One day, I went to sign onto the website and I was locked out, everyone including the designer was locked out. After six months and several thousand dollars, I scrapped what had been done and fired the designer.

In the beginning, so many things did not work or I would choose the improper settings, which would jam everything up – this is what is being metaphorically represented by everything I touch breaking. I tried so many different themes, plug-ins and software packages and I seemed to run into roadblocks everywhere.

This first part of the dream where everything is breaking apart could, also, be a metaphor for the several years prior to my breakdown when everything in my life seemed to stop working and my ship gradually disintegrated.

Inability to Land Spacecraft – Dream Meaning

We can’t land the spacecraft – my guess is this represents the website itself, I cannot shut it down once it is up and running because people have become accustomed to the site being there Therefore, I have to keep it running while I try to repair things because I do not want to lose any of the traffic that has been difficult to build up.

The inability to land could, also, mean that I am not in a position to retire, I still have young children and other responsibilities – I have to keep the craft, my life, going in full motion.

Sandra Bullock is Baffled – Dream Meaning

Trapped with Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is as baffled as I am in the dream. She is sitting next to me and we look at each other incredulously as each part breaks off and starts to float away – we appear to know what we are doing but nothing works as expected. We have that type of confusion that exists when you know you’re doing something correctly but the results are incongruent with past results. I sense this feeling means that I am applying the same principles that I have in the past – making the best decisions I could and followed my intuition. This had always worked in the past and I was fairly successful in my past business experiences. But then things changed, and everything seemed to go wrong.


Possibly, Sandra Bullock represents the ‘anima’ or intuitive side that has a good general sense that I am on the right track because this character seems to confirm that I am doing the right things, they just are not succeeding at that given moment. She appeared to be giving validation that it wasn’t me, something else was malfunctioning.

The Admiral – Dream Meaning


The tall blond female Admiral is no one I know in reality. She appears competent–she knows what she is doing–perhaps I am looking for someone like this for advice. Or, perhaps it is the anima also – the feminine side of a male according to Jung – that is giving me the clue that I should be a following this intuitive nature – rather than analytical male-dominated nature referenced in the door holding scenario. I know what I am doing on the intuitive side,and I should continue on this path – just don’t expect others to help me. Don’t listen too closely to the negative advice given by others coming from their brain’s left hemisphere’s male analytical based criticisms.

The intuitive side of the dream analysis is where I have my competence– when it comes to understanding all of the software applications I am at a loss.

The Admiral holds the door open for me to get through the hatch–this could be the hatch into the world of the subconscious or intuitive/emotional world–offering a natural sense of what actions to take.

The Hatch or Door – Dream Meaning

The door has a heavy spring and the opening is a small weird rectangular shape–the world of the subconscious is not an easy door to open or to gain access through. It helps to have assistance when you are trying to get into the spacecraft – someone to hold the door for you. But, I have to be very careful with who I place trust – people like my ex-boss, they might try to take the manual (my ideas) and leave me behind. I had suspicions my web designer had such plans, especially when I was being locked out.

master-IU605 Dream - being a doormat

Becoming the Doorman or Doormat – Dream Meaning

Then comes the part where I get stuck as the doorman, I am being used by others so that they can get ahead, and they leave me behind waiting forever. This was the story of my work life for 20 some years. I was always opening the doors to large business opportunities–and my boss would rush in and take over the big deals–he was the president of the company–and my only recourse was to quit which I was not really in a good position to do.

Similar events transpired at the next company, it was a much larger company and I did not know how to maneuver in a large corporation’s organizational hierarchy. I always assumed if you performed a task or discovered something that the people around you would give you credit for what you had done because it was your work. It would seem to be a point of honor not to claim something that somebody else had done–it seems unfathomable to me the people would try to claim something someone else had done as their own work. Yet, this seems to be standard operating procedure for many people.

Dream Panic Attack

Doormen at a London Hotel

The pattern of doing my share of the work or holding up to my end of the bargain (holding the hatch at the landing dock) and then not getting my share of help or rewards seems to be a recurring theme in my life. My experience in the corporate world, my marriages, and with building the website are examples of the metaphor of holding the door.

Seeing the movie provided a metaphor or vehicle for the fact that I seem to always be missing the boat and it appears my subconscious is trying to drive the message home that perhaps I should change the way I deal with other people.I always feel that I have to prove myself first and that when I do, the other party will complete their half of the deal. Unfortunately, in reality, other people are not that honorable.


Spacecraft Docking Area – Dream Meaning

When I worked in sales for 25 years, I thought that this was going to be my lifetime career and that I would be successful enough to retire comfortably from it–then our market started to fall apart and I entered the world of corporate takeovers and mergers which are generally a slaughterhouse for one of the companies, usually, the one I was with and I went through three of these massacres. This is represented by the place where I get trapped.

“Missing the Boat, or Spacecraft” – I did it twice! – Dream Meaning

missing the boat dream Space shuttle dream


There were two major missing of boats 1) The first was the company that I had been with for 22 years. The corrupt boss played one too many games out there and after the final merger of that company, they fired 60 employees on the first day when we were told that everyone’s job was safe. I bailed out a month after the takeover. The corrupt boss did not get that much for the company because another scoundrel had outsmarted him and he never got his big payoff. He ended up in relative obscurity–disliked by most people that ever affiliated with him, but I was out in the cold too after 20 plus years.

2) The second boat I missed – After leaving the company I had been with for years, I went with the very small company that appeared to have a very innovative state-of-the-art software package that at first glance was way ahead of anybody in the industry.

Shortly after I had gone to the small company, one of the major competitors in that industry started the acquisition of the company. In the meantime, I had figured out that the “innovative” software was really just a façade–behind it stood a really crappy piece of old code that did not handle many of the basic requirements of the industry.

Because of my misgivings and knowledge of the inept software, I was immediately seen as a negative person by the new management. To make a long story short–I was fired a little over a year after the takeover, even though I sold more of this “innovative” software then all the other salesmen in that company combined. I had never been fired in my life, basically, it was because I knew too much.

I assumed when this large company took over the “innovative” software that they were going to really throw some heavy-duty resources and programmers at the problems to get the software fixed. A year after the takeover they had not assigned anyone new to the programming staff. I personally liked the woman in charge of the original programming staff, however, I knew she was an alcoholic who was having extreme difficulties in her life. This voyage was doomed.

Although I knew more about the problems, not only with the software but about the development staff, no one in that large company ever asked me what I thought the problems were or what needed to be done to address them.
This was the second craft I was going to fly into the proverbial ‘sunset’.

So, I got left behind from the adventure of a successful flight. The flights that I thought would allow me to achieve success.

Panic Attack – Dream Meaning

I felt like I was out of options– that I was trapped. The industry had collapsed, and there were no more spaceships leaving. I could not see a way out–I was going to suffocate, at least financially, there did not seem to be a way out, a way for me to survive.

My next attempt to take off in life–building this website on dream analysis–was fraught with mistakes and incompetent designers I hired. I am building my own spacecraft which will not take off without me, but will it be able to take off? I seem to be one of the few people who believe that it will. So far, I have been able to overcome several obstacles others said could not be done.

Although the dream occurred a while after my mental breakdown, the trapped feeling I had at the end of the dream was probably what my psych went through at the time of the breakdown–although at that time I was really not conscious of what was happening or taking place as I gradually lost control.

The dream points out that the way I trust people and wait until after I prove myself for them to follow through is not an effective behavior pattern. Not changing will lead to rather dire consequences – I will suffocate. The message is URGENT – urgent enough to wake me up having a panic attack. So, I should really pay attention to this issue.


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