“Jungian Individuation II”


“Big Rigs in Texas”

Jungian individuation dream interpretation dream interpretation individuation

Introduction to Jungian Individuation II

The dream “Jungian Individuation II’ picks up on several of the same topics from prior dreams. With dreams, the subconscious mind’s work is never done, it is always aims to realign one’s thought process to changing conditions in the waking environment of the dreamer. This particular dream to me is a wake-up call or reminder that I have a mission to complete which I put on hold due to technical complications with my website. In the dream interpretation, I will attempt to show how this dream ties into several other dreams – depicting that each dream is not a separate entity or event, but part of the total picture of what transpires in each person’s life.

The dream begins:

I was driving across country with my brother and another friend. We were in three separate big rigs heading toward Abilene, TX. Something flies up from my brother’s cab to my cab from behind at high speed – seemed to snap me to attention. We were moving along quickly. Then we run into heavy traffic and I am going downhill on a fairly steep grade. I decide to coast because I am low on gas, so I turn the engine off.


Getting close to bottom of hill, and I go to turn the engine back on while coasting, but I can’t get the truck started again.– I pull into large gas station and get separated from brother & friend – I have panicking feeling that I am falling behind. The gas attendant comes out who was going to show me how to fix the problem – some sort of gadget with string w loop like the finger loop on a yo-yo that was supposed to start the truck up. This guy is moving around freely – showing no signs of worry or fear. I am following him down line of gas pumps.

dream interpretation string loop dream interpretation breakdown


Fear Takes Hold

Suddenly, we are both on the gas pump island and it is like a 100 ft. in the air – I was following the guy along the gas pumps and the next thing I know I am way up in the air – I did not notice the transition– finally, I thought I was at end, but then I had one more really dangerous place to cross with nothing to hold onto – I have to cross over to the gas station sign – like the ones you see from far off on the highway. The top of the sign is about 6 feet long and one foot wide, 100 feet up in the air. There is nothing to hold onto – I am supposed to walk across this sign to reach a ladder.

At this point I refuse to go any further without help or assistance from someone who knows how to do this. Feeling a lot of fear – fear of falling, I have to reach ladder at other end of gas station sign which does not look like it is securely attached or safe to reach from the sign down to the ladder. I tell the attendant to go get help. I hope someone can get me out of this fix.

fear of heights Dream interpretation fear of heights

The “Not So Helpful” Helper – Trickster Character

dream interpretation trickster

The attendant comes back with this guy who starts giving me all of these lessons on safety- he never asks for my input – he is not helping and the panic is getting worse. The helper keeps giving these very detailed lists of superfluous safety instructions and he is not really paying attention to the predicament that I am in, not paying attention to what I really think the problem is – and is ignoring my panic – then he starts to bring up my past mental problems – as if he is taunting me. We are not really getting anywhere. This is not working at all!



I Take Initiative

I, finally, decide to go down from the sign on my own – I discover it is only 10 feet down to the ground. I am shocked! It seemed so dangerous from the other perspective, then suddenly, the risk is minimal – because I took an action to fix the problem.

Gratuitous Revenge – Authority Figure – Boss?

There are many police officers and the so called instructor who had a good laugh on me being so afraid when being only a few feet off ground. I go back to the truck – I did something that causes a chain reaction – a police car’s brakes are released and slides into truck (truck is now a school bus) which slides into more police cars, the truck/bus just starts barreling through knocking the police cars off the road.

trickster dream interpretation Dream meaning individuation

Recap – Carpe Diem – Existential Cartoon

Then scene switches to cartoon character setting- some type of ‘live’ TV program where I don’t have a script but have to adlib the role, I am like the MC, feel like I have been put on the spot, I didn’t expect it –

Dream Meaning Jungian Individuation jungian individuation dream meaning

There are 3 or 4 cartoon characters in a rail cart (like in a gold mine) the rail runs over lake of chemical or lava like goop- the characters are out of control – jumping around in the cart, acting crazy – they are going to get us all killed – I am extremely frustrated -decide I have to throw one into lava to try to calm rest down as a survival method – not sure which one to pick – one is human character – others just cute little objects so I just grab one and throw it into oblivion (Rachel?) – Its little head comes up a few times then disappears. Then trying to land the others onto saucers floating on top of lava to escape but I kept missing and they go into the red goop – some door opens up to get out of the trap at end of dream.

individuation trial by fire Jungian Individuation making progress

Interpretation for Jungian Individuation II

In the beginning of the dream I am moving swiftly down highway, I had been making progress in my life. Then I run into traffic jam. The dream meaning of the heavy traffic is that I am jammed up in life again – not moving forward with projects – I got side tracked with technical issues of running the website.

traffic jam in Jungian Individuation

Too many things hitting me at once – baffling me – I get stuck up on sign – out of comfort zone – trying to figure out Google, WordPress, SEO, Perl, AdSense, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite etc. – I freeze can’t move forward –

My brother is in about 40% of my dreams, he represents the rational side of myself – doing things as they should be done. Following the rules – he keeps moving in his big rig, just as he does in life…

Running out of gas – dream meaning could be running out of money, running out of time, running out of energy – feel time pressure. Something flying from my brother’s cab to mine at high speed – kind of a wake-up call maybe?

I get separated from brother, lose connection I had for a while when things were clicking – brother is side of myself that can get things together – he went through college in 4 years – it took me 5 and ½ years – my brother talked me into getting a business degree so I could get a job when I got out. My brother is always grounded, and I am 100 feet up in the air.

But my engine doesn’t restart, I break down and my brother doesn’t in dream and in life. I turned engine off to save fuel (money?) – The dream meaning of the engine could be my drive or passion which has been hampered by my failure to show up on Googles ratings. Since Google is the standard which everyone weighs your website’s viability not getting validation on Google Analytics caused me to stall out, like the engine on my big rig.

Trying to get other people to fix the problem

Talking to guy with the object with string – first inclination when I run into trouble is to ask someone else how to fix it. Hoping someone will fix it for me.

Normally, these leads me to follow people who lead me to these tough spots – possibly, I am looking for way out of facing issue head on, i.e. figuring it out myself.

Let someone else do it – seems like the solution, but never gets done or takes forever – they do not have the drive to get it done – no passion for my project, even though some were highly paid to perform. Only I have this drive or passion.

Feel like others are giving me instructions for going in circles.

Seems like I can save time if I get someone else to help, but I never seem to.

The “real life” problem the dream is addressing

The following is the major problem that has had me perplexed for the past 6 months and is the focus of the dream.

For half a year I have been stuck on why the statistical tool I use, AWstats, by my hosting company, Hostgator, – does not match up with Google Analytics statistics. So, I stopped working on dreams and other projects (represented by pulling into the gas station and falling behind) because I could not find out why Google Analytics was not picking up traffic from Twitter, even though the Bit.lys I am using are tagged to be picked up by Google. According to AWstats and Bit.ly stats, I am getting a fair amount of traffic, but Google says hardly any traffic is going to my site.

Everyone is telling me Google is the best, therefore correct, but from the retweets and comments I get on Twitter, I know something is not being accounted for by Google Analytics. The Bit.ly statistics match with the AWstats, making it look like Google is not counting my traffic.

String with loop – dream meaning –Gas station attendant could be my roommate trying to help me – but he has dragged me out of my comfort zone into technical issues beyond my comprehension– I have to go out on ledge without anything to hold onto – I freeze – trying to figure out how it works so I can get things moving again –

Jungian individuation dream

Ladder is not secure, just barely hanging on to the sign – at corner – not stably placed – looks like it will fall over. Dream meaning – I do not really have a firm grip on how all of these software tools work together – don’t feel like I fell capable of doing it on my own.



The “Not So Helpful” Helper – Trickster Character

Jungian individuation

Guy giving the safety lessons – I feel like he is trying to ‘snow’ me – that he is not really trying to help me – just trying to give the appearance that he is. Roommate explains things from his perspective without really understanding why I think the other statistics are real. I have an MBA, I know how to read numbers – there are too many statistics pointing to the validity of the conclusions which my statistics are leading me to believe. Nobody looks at the inconsistencies that might lead to actually finding out what the problem is.

Roommate and other “experts” expect me to have blind faith that Google analytics are ‘infallible’ and that the other data is just plain erroneous when they have never looked at the contradictory figures. These people could be the ‘police’ in the dream – I expect the ‘technical’ people to be authority figures, but I am beginning to suspect their technical authority.

Both Trickster and roommate give me lists which appear superfluous and I do not work well with lists (Attention Deficit Disorder) – I need a working knowledge of the flow in a situation (Gestalt view), not a bunch of facts – my mind does not work that way.

Trickster bringing up past mental problems – episode with son in law – (See appendix at end.)

A Question – ?????

Where does expecting others to perform end and doing things for yourself begin? Maybe, in real life I am not paying enough attention to what is important by not applying the safety methods of life (Nah!). Maybe, I want to be saved from these predicaments by others when it is not their job to save me. But, do I have to go back to reinventing the wheel? Shouldn’t somebody know this stuff?

Taking the Initiative

As part of a Jungian individuation process, I take the initiative to go down the ladder myself. I can finally see that waiting for someone else to solve ‘my’ problem is not going to happen.

I figured how to get out of the jam myself. Taking the responsibility to keep things moving and not waiting or expecting another to do something. Kind of like when you formulate a question to ask, sometimes the act of formulating the question gives you the answer.

I fell for the illusion – the fear of falling from a great height again. Fear of failure is probably one of the main deterrents which keeps people from the individuation process. Similar to ‘Humorous Dream’ where I am afraid of falling off a cliff which turns out being a few feet off of the ground.

Perhaps, I am making mountains out of molehills, and then let the alleged mountains bring my progress to a halt. Out of a fear, perhaps of success? Maybe I should just repeat the Nike mantra, “Just Do It” to myself when I feel this fear.


Remedial Dream Work

The themes of many of my dreams are similar because I am dealing with the same issues on a continuous basis. A dream is not a ‘closed’ event, but represents the continuum of life, hopefully showing growth at intervals.

Dream Interpretation | A Ravine used to depict the risk associated with the 'individuation' concept. A Jungian psychoanalytic term

So, in this dream, I am repeating a lesson from Jungian Individuation dream “The Ravine” – where I was told “you have to do it yourself” which I had about a year ago. In one respect I have gone in a circle, once again I am at a place where I am afraid of moving forward – but I have covered a lot more ground in the meantime and I come up with a solution or the ability to move forward again in less time. So, progress is being made – it is just slower than I want, hence feeling that I am falling behind in beginning of dream.

Each individual’s solution is so complex and unique – that the only one that can really understand my dream is me – I am the only one who can get my solution working – which is why everyone has to figure out their own solution or problem out in life. I needed help in therapy and AA to get this far – but in the end – to solve or resolve my issues, I have to actively engage my own motivation process and fix me – no one else can do it. It is my engine that stalled.

Removing Old Baggage –Cartoon Characters

dream interpretation Jungian individuation Rachel Yordi Jungian Individuation

Into the Lava

I drop the cartoon characters – trying to land them on white plates but miss every time and end up dropping all of the characters into the red lava goop. Other characters could be my daughter and son-in-law who I have temporarily cut out of my life because of the negative feedback they are giving me when I strongly feel I am on the right track. Road less traveled –

Perhaps I throw Rachel (scam girl) into the lava – couldn’t deal with her anymore – I spent a lot of time with Rachel, I thought she was worth it – seemed like she wanted to make something out of herself – but she would not be honest – continued to play her games – so, I had to cut my loses to move ahead and threw her into the lava first. I do not have the time to spend with her anymore. And, she will probably never change! To move forward, I have to remove some of these people from my life, especially if they insist on holding onto self-destructive behavioral patterns. This will provide more time to work on my real problems.

Rachel was perhaps portrayed as a cartoon character because she wasn’t real.

And. perhaps, I am trying to get rid this characteristic within myself that is similar to Rachel’s – she wanted to be rescued, waiting for someone else to do something that would change her.

Taking Control of Situation

dream meaning T-Rex

I have to take control when things get out of control – I am the only one – each of us is the only one. Like taking control in T-Rex dream.

The TV program has to be ad-libbed – dream meaning – I have to be in the moment – I have to filter some people out that lead me away from my objectives.- getting rid of disruptive people in my life – those that do not want me to grow or only act in a way they feel fits in with their agenda. (Old boss and ex-wife are beginning to fade in my thoughts – finally!)

Dream meaning for the ‘Ad lib’ – I have to make decisions on the fly – live, move – make decisions that allow my life to accelerate – take off – people that are blocking me have to be shoved aside – like the police cars, etc, – or people who do not believe in me (son-in-law)

I have to look closely at myself, seeing the reality of what has happened and not react in a negative or defensive way. But, I have to take steps to enhance life. This may seem readily apparent to many, but for complex trauma victims it is a big step and it takes a while to get to this point.

After the first character was dropped into lava, I did not intentionally drop the latter characters in the lava, it just ended up that way. Daughter and son-in-law were critical of mental health problems. They do not see me doing this work as being helpful to myself or others. If interested see ‘Son-in-law’ appendix –

Fear of Jungian Individuation

I no longer have the time to waste on people who do not want to change or the try to prevent me from changing – becoming who I feel I am supposed to be vs. what they want or expect me to be. Similar to Jungian Individuation dream (Having to do it yourself) and Humorous Dream with fear of falling from a very high place only to find in both cases that it was not really that far.

Why dream process is repetitive – themes recur – We have had certain messages drilled into our heads for years about who and what we are, so it takes many attempts to reprogram ourselves. The old behaviors are addictive or just path of least resistance.

End of Interpretation


Son-In-Law Appendix:

My son-in-law is an attorney – if something is not backed up by solid evidence, then it doesn’t hold water in his book. There is very little concrete evidence in dream analysis nor in the brain’s right hemisphere’s way of thinking for that matter. Only intuition helps discern reality from its perspective. The left hemisphere likes concrete evidence – in well stated terms. Language is largely a function of the left hemisphere.

The brain’s right hemisphere depends on metaphorical language to express complex ideas in holistic or Gestalt format. It does not have a strong language with which to communicate complex ideas. The left hemisphere loves chopping things up into small comprehensible categories, plus has language readily available in its hemisphere for faster processing – this puts right brain thinking at quite a disadvantage when challenged by left hemisphere tactics.

The left hemisphere challenger thinks he is winning an argument when he doesn’t even have a clue to the concepts which are being discussed.

In fact, the left hemisphere loves to compile lists – just like the “not so helpful” helper in the dream with his superfluous list of safety tips. Therefore, my son-in-law probably constitutes a part of the amalgam of the trickster character – apropos for an attorney.

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