Dream: Large Black Snake and Little Man with the Electric Spark Gun

Dream Message:

The emphasis of the dream is of overcoming the fear and anxiety that has caused me to have many stumbling blocks in my life. The dream show that the progress I have made is incremental, the progress was made in stages over time, until I gained more control over outside circumstances which is represented by the spark gun.

Dream Interpretation |Threatened

The Dream: Black Snake – Fear and Anxiety

Sept.16th , 2013
There is a large fearsome snake who chases or is after this little man. At first the only safe place is under this cliff in little cave by a river where the snake can’t see the little man even when the snake is below – because the cave or hole in cliff bends around so whatever tucks in there is out of view. But even when in the cave, there is no real sense of safety – fear that the snake will sense that he (the little man) is hiding there.

Then, there is a large cage where this giant keeps the little man and the snake together – and the little man has to constantly think of places to hide where the snake cannot spot him. Later, the little man has a gun that can shoot sparks that can stun the snake.

I then realize that I am the giant who keeps the snake and the little man in the cage – when I put the little man in there he felt a great sense of fear of the menacing snake – who seemed to be obsessed with the little man’s destruction. Finally, the little man gets pretty good at using his spark gun and starts rapidly firing at the snake – but still lives in fear.

The little man can subdue the snake by rapidly firing many sparks. At first, he shoots the snake all over the snake’s body, but then learns that if he concentrates firing at the head of the snake he can subdue the snake faster – but the snake can always recover and is back on the prowl.

The giant or owner tried to help little man, but he could not separate the two permanently – they had to both dwell in the same cage – there was not an option. But, occasionally the snake had to be removed from the cage. Toward the end of the dream there was a stick of soft butter in the cage – and the little man plans to carve a hole or cave where he can hide and ambush the snake.

Dream Interpretation |Marxtrain

Then at the end – the giant gets an electric model train set. The Engine and coal car are a dark charcoal black – very smooth surface. The little man can get on the train, but the snake can’t. And the little man is happy he can get away from the snake for a while and feel completely safe – but he knows he cannot remain on the train forever.

What possibly evoked the dream?

I had dinner date the night before I had the dream with a woman who told me how her late husband was bitterly critical of her daughter (the husband had been very ill with MS, and rather cruel to family taking his frustrations out on them). He told the daughter she would never be able to leave home (implying she was not strong enough to stand on her own – possibly to get her to take action – but it had more of a damaging effect than a motivating one).
My own father was similar – (I mentioned before in another dream interpretation where my father (in real life) told my brother and myself “that we were kind of worthless, he would not miss us and that he was glad we were leaving home” as we left home for college. (Great message to give your sons who are leaving for college) Although drunk at the time, this did not help create a positive self image – at least for myself – my brother seemed to be able to tune it out. He could stay focused on what he had to do to move forward in life, whereas I was more consciously aware of the destructive force and could not let go. I acted out the negative – at first with passive aggressive behavior, then with drugs and alcohol, then with violence and rage within my head, then with the violence and rage coming out into real life. None of these are effective measures for moving ahead successfully in life.

Dream Interpretation: Fear and Anxiety are Overcome

The large snake is without a doubt my father and authority figures like bosses. We will go with the Freudian snake/phallus symbolism here. The snake operates on two levels, as my father and as the negative self- critical image in my subconscious.

I assume in the beginning of the dream, where I have to run and hide – was when my father was alive and I was little. Usually, I tried to avoid him in the house and when we ran into each other, I always felt ill at ease and never knew what to say.

Then I get a spark gun and learn to fight back – this was when I was in therapy and took steps to fight back so that I could move forward in life – beyond the fear that paralyzed me. (Fear of failure – fear of success) The more I grew – the more effectively I could use the spark gun.

Cage represents the Unconscious Mind

The cage represents my subconscious – where both of these images dwell – and will for eternity (well, at least mine). The giant removes the snake from the cage occasionally – this could be me talking about the snake (father of negative side of myself) in therapy on a conscious level or in dreams – making the little man safer for a bit –this alleviates the fear and disruption the snake causes in my life – but the snake always works its way back in – but with increasing less power as the little man improves his skill at fighting the snake.

As I progress in dream work and therapy by working on these issues – the better I get at holding the snake in check. I moved from the point of only being able to hide, to using the gun to provide temporary safety, to using the gun to totally disable the snake when the snake attacked, to actually planning ambushes to attack the snake and finally to getting on a train where I could totally escape the snake on a temporary basis – it was a model train that went in circles.

The next step will have to be totally subduing the snake to the point where I can control it without means of violence, but with constructive forces – basically by becoming the person I am capable of being when my faculties are under my control and I am not being controlled by the negative forces within.

Currently, (Sept. 2013) I am tied up in a rather vicious cycle where I am unable to forgive those that have wronged me in the past. My father, my bosses (the one stole close to $200,000 from me), my 2nd ex-wife, the guy she had the affair with, possibly a second guy I think she had an affair with and a guy she dated before I knew her. The last guy had raped her so violently he damaged her brain cortex in the area which causes seizures. Because she had the seizures she had to be on medications which she overused – which put her in states where she could be easily taken advantage of. I see this as a major cause of our break up – therefore he also gets the death penalty – in my head. I, also, have a grudge against my ex-wife’s neurologist – when I figured out what I thought was causing the seizures and I tried to speak with her in the hospital immediately after my wife had had one. The doctor just looked at me as if I could not possibly know anything about a medical condition and just walked away before I had a chance to explain my theory.

My wife had totally and involuntarily reenacted the rape in her sleep one night and I mean a total reenactment – her face was red, the vain popping out in her neck and eyes wide open in terror, her neck was bent back as if it was being held down from the base of the neck as she was lying on her stomach – it was not a vaginal rape. Her seizures did not start until after this event occurred. I could understand the doctor not agreeing with me, but to not even listen was unforgivable. And, I am sure the neurologist had never been informed of the attack.

I did manage to grow albeit slowly and disorganized in life – I made it through college and graduate school. However, I was using drugs and alcohol during this period. This self-destructive behavior prevented me from being really successful – I would always scrape by – not really excel.

I had a sales job I was rather successful at and would have done really well if my boss had not been a sociopath with a desire to steal my accounts and commissions (This was not my imagination the guy was a certified jerk – many people knew this – but I kept working there – afraid to leave my cage. He had cheated others, but they had the courage to leave).This would have been the stage where I could stun the snake, but could not control him. When I finally left the company – it kind of folded – the owners had to sell it far below what the boss had imagined they were going to get. This would have been when I learned to shoot the snake in the head – I had the courage to leave that company after 22 years. My boss always said “We are going to be rich” – by we, he meant only himself – he screwed everybody in the end including himself.

Fear and Anxiety

Also, shooting the snake in the ‘head’ might be working to kill or subdue the snake in my head through my dreams. Dealing with the snake by dragging it out into the light – the fear can be examined for what it really is – just an idea or way of thinking (image or symbol) that is erroneous – due to bad programming many years ago and can be discarded when I am ready to let go.

As mentioned before, I am now on the train that goes in the circuitous route. It is the giant, I, who set up the train that goes in circles – by holding onto the anger and resentments I go in circles in my life. By holding onto the anger and being unforgiving, I am preventing myself from really moving forward in life. I know this, but I still cannot let this anger go. I want justice / revenge on those who have hurt me. I want them to feel the pain they put me through. Even though everybody tells me things like “Living successfully or happily is the best revenge (notice they still hold it with a negative connotation – ‘revenge’) – in my heart I still want to inflict the pain on the guilty, make them suffer the way I had to suffer. Sometimes I think I don’t want to kill them – just severely cripple them so they can reflect upon their indiscretions or offensives for the rest of their lives. With these types of thoughts, I am becoming a ‘snake’ myself. – going to the ‘dark side’ of the force.

I will go with the Freudian theory on the black streamlines train – most likely represents the phallic symbol meaning I am trying to take my power back.

But, in the dream what was really fun was being the little guy when he learns to become effective with the spark gun. The sense of engaging in an activity that gave me some control over my life and a sense of being effective, such as building this website and writing the dreams.

The dream once again depicts the conflict that goes on in my mind between engaging in constructive activity or destructive behavior. I feel the direction my unconscious wants me to go is with the spark gun. This is the positive guy, defeating evil or those that win by using illegitimate force or brutal tactics – which I have always been against intellectually when in more sane moments – but on a feeling level this is not always the case. The angry feelings operate on a conscious level wanting the instant gratification – on a subconscious level the little guy is operating out of fear – he knows the ‘snake’ is bad news in the beginning – but as his effectiveness grows he is acting on courage.

The subconscious seems to know that the way to go is with the positive ‘spark man’. This is operating effectively and successfully – and is a better way to survive in the actual world. Other people see my ‘snake’ side and they are scared. They will want to restrict their interactions with me – which will cause me to be less successful in life.

This dream is congruent with my theory that dreams represent the unconscious’s attempt to make an individual become a better survivor. And being a better survivor in today’s civilization would be to stay within the bounds of the law and choosing socially acceptable forms of behavior – and success always wins you more friends than an angry, resentful life of misery. I have known both sides.

Update 11/22/14 – Recently, much of the anger has dissipated. My efforts in building this website are beginning to show some success. The traffic coming to my website and the amount of people reading the dreams have increased dramatically in the past two months. This feeling of accomplishment is allowing me to shift a good deal of my focus to constructive thinking and work. I am entertaining my fantasies of revenge and destruction less and less.



Freud and Snake Dreams

from http://www.snakedreams.org/freud

For Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, the snake is primarily a phallic symbol representing the penis and sexual drive. A Freudian interpretation of a snake dream emphasizes your relationship to sexuality and male figures in your life.

According to Freud, the snake is symbol for the penis. The meaning of a snake in a dream is associated with sexuality, and as an extension, with male figures in your life, or how you experience your own manhood, relationship with men or your male energy if you are a woman.

If you dream about snakes and would ask Freud or a Freudian analyst for help to interpret your dream, you could be invited to consider the snake as a symbol for repressed sexual desire or inner conflict about how you express or experience your sexuality.

Comment from Anonymous Dreamer: I found it interesting that there is no mention of fear in dreams with snakes. Most dreams I have with snakes usually have fear as the overriding emotion. Fear is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of snakes.

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Dream Interpretation

from Wikipedia

Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient societies, such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unravelled by people with certain powers.

In modern times, various schools of psychology and neurobiology have offered theories about the meaning and purpose of dreams. Most people currently appear to interpret dream content according to the Freudian theory of dreams in countries, as found by a study conducted in the United States, India, and South Korea.[1]

People appear to believe dreams are particularly meaningful: they assign more meaning to dreams than to similar waking thoughts. For example, people report they would be more likely to cancel a trip they had planned that involved a plane flight if they dreamt of their plane crashing the night before than if they thought of their plane crashing the night before or the Department of Homeland Security issued a Federal warning.[1]

However, people do not attribute equal importance to all dreams. People appear to use motivated reasoning when interpreting their dreams. They are more likely to view dreams confirming their waking beliefs and desires to be more meaningful than dreams that contradict their waking beliefs and desires.[1]


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