July 25, 2011 Dream: Finding Shark Teeth at the Beach 535

I was at the beach – small waves are washing over us in the surf – suddenly I have a shark tooth in my hand and show the people I am with – then I get another one, and I am rather excited about finding them. Then the skeleton/body of the shark appears, at first I am a little alarmed as it rubbed up against me

Dementia - loss of teeth represents aging in dreams - my mother's impending death.

– but I realize it is harmless in its state. All the flesh is gone from the head and the tail section is gone– the eye sockets and skull are all bone and cartilage are exposed, but I notice that the heart and blood vessels running to the heart are still functioning – the heart is glowing and I can see there still some life left. We drag the shark up onto the beach, but it swims underneath the sand, I could see the ripple from under the sand, as the shark headed back toward the water where it gets stuck. I help it get into the water where it will be more comfortable. Then I notice a small baby shark that is dead- and then a larger baby shark that is still alive. I pick it up the live baby shark. It wants to cuddle with me and stay with me for protection – but I explain to it that it has to go back into the ocean. It is afraid to go – it knows that it is risky business out in the ocean. Survival is difficult and you can be eaten by other creatures. Law of chance – odds are worse now that his parents are dead – finally the baby shark starts to swim off but is apprehensive. Recovering from a mental breakdown is like having to start life over again – finding or creating a new self..

Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation:

Recovering from mental breakdown is like having to to start life over again.

Baby Shark still in an Egg

Losing teeth is a sign of age. The skeleton of the shark represents my mother who is aging at the time of the dream, she was 83. She is now developing dementia and losing her mental faculties, hence the head of the shark is disintegrating. But the heart is still beating. The heart has a red glow about it and the lighted veins leading up to the heart are a faint blue. She still has feelings and is there for us, but life is leaving her body. The other people who I do not see, I believe are my brother and sister who along with myself are trying to take care of her. We have placed her into a home specializing in dementia – represented by dragging the shark up on the beach. When we visit her at the home, she immediately wants to go out for a meal or treat – the ice cream parlor for a chocolate ice cream soda. This is represented by the shark trying to get back to the water, and myself helping her back in. The two baby sharks are both myself; taking a Jungian stance where many of dream’s characters represent different aspects of the dreamer. The dead baby shark is my old self the salesman/warrior – this part of myself has died. The new self, the live baby shark, is just coming to life. After a long period of depression, I am coming back to life. It is a new beginning, but the new self has some fear about starting from scratch. The new self wants to be protected knowing how dangerous the rest of the world can be, particularly since the death of the old self through a breakdown (soul murder) brought on by the realities of life. The self that is holding the baby shark is the dream ego in the form of an observer – the self-help portion of the unconscious that is aware that I have to go out and make it again on my own despite the knowledge of the diabolic unconscious which provides an underlying apprehension of the dangers it must face. My mother who I always had as a support, to call, talk to and let someone know what’s really going on in my life (some of the time) is leaving. She will not be on this earth much longer which is clearly represented by the dying shark. Dementia - decaying head of shark in dream represents my mother's dementia.

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