Detoxifying My Body – Weight Loss/ Negative Thoughts

Detoxifying dream – Introduction – This dream, both on physical and spiritual levels, I believe resulted from my taking a supplement, Milk Thistle, to remove toxins from my liver to lose weight. I had just begun taking it when the dream occurred.

Detoxifying Dream

I was looking into a mirror facing forward, but the reflection was of my back. I was focused on the back of my left arm. I had these small black sores that appeared to be bruises, but were somewhat like pimples.

Milk Thistle - Detoxifying Dream

I did not notice anything unusual about facing the mirror forward, yet seeing my back, nor about being able to pop the pimples with my two hands outside the mirror while the back of my arm was inside the mirror.

The bruises were painful, and when I put pressure on them a black bile would squirt out in ample quantities.

I realized this bile was a toxin or poison that I had to remove from my body, although painful, I wanted to remove as much as I could. I was embarrassed or ashamed for having this buildup inside of myself.


Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation of Detoxifying Dream

The Toxin

My feeling upon waking was that this vile black substance was the buildup of all the negative thinking that I had accumulated from the years of abuse and my negative responses to this. Hatred toward others, self-hatred, desire for revenge, procrastination, compulsive thinking, etc.

Toxic Resentment

However, these bruises are only a small part of my epidermis, as are the negative characteristics only a part of my being or total personality make-up. However, the negative material does weigh me down at times and obstructs my productivity and happiness in life.

Upon further reflection, I realized it could possibly represent having just starting to take a liver detoxification supplement for the first time yesterday. Going back to my article about how a dream can sometimes detect an illness such as a tumor, (see link below,) I suppose dreams would also be able to detect a change in the body’s metabolism whether negative or positive.

Reflection in Mirror

Perhaps the strange reflection sequence represents the uncanny ability of our minds while dreaming to project what is physically taking place in our bodies. We can sense things taking place internally – seeing things graphically in terms of what we already understand in a dream – therefore, the black bile in the bruise/pimple is a visual representation of the build-up of toxins in my liver which I would have no way of representing in my mind on a realistic level.

The brain’s sensory system may have picked up on the effect that the Milk Thistle had on detoxifying the liver, or it is possible that the dream may have picked up on my expectation that taking this supplement will have. Dream interpretation is a bit of a guessing and probing exercise.

The Mirror – Metaphor for Dream

The mirror may be a metaphor for a dream, since essentially a dream reflects one’s self based on one’s internal and sometimes unconscious emotions. The dream allows one to see themselves through different perspectives. Therefore, I am using the dream to look into myself to find the toxins that degrade my life. The fat I am trying to lose is, in essence, a toxin – it slows me down and causes additional damage to my body. The spiritual toxins are hatred, self-hatred, desire for revenge, procrastination and, in the past drug and alcohol addiction, but currently food addictions, i.e. sugar – the fat may be an outward manifestation of the spiritual disease or toxins I am trying to squeeze out of the bruises.

Bruises – Metaphor for Abuse

Abuse metaphor=Bruise

The bruises may be a metaphor for the past abuse, this abuse has left its mark. The natural response to abuse is to take revenge. However, this desire builds up toxins which are self-damaging. Hence, all of the clever sayings about the self-damage that this natural response has on those that hold onto anger.

The Supplement

Removing Toxins

Milk Thistle Flower – Wikimedia

I am unsure if these supplements work and I am somewhat skeptical, but I will try them to see if there is some felt effect or noticeable difference.

I googled Milk Thistle to see if there was any confirmed knowledge that this supplement could actually benefit my health. It just so happened that the University of Maryland’s Medical Center had conducted tests on this supplement and although some of the results were mixed, there seemed to be evidence that Milk Thistle did have a positive effect on one’s liver, especially those of alcoholics.

Objective of Detoxifying

I specifically started taking this supplement because of another article (advertisement) that claimed this supplement helped detoxifying one’s liver so that the body can burn or metabolize fat more efficiently. Apparently, the liver will hold onto fat due to toxins which have accumulated over the years due to poor eating habits, immobility, pesticides, etc. However, burning fat more efficiently is not one of the potential benefits covered in the University of Maryland’s study. I was willing to try the supplement based on the fact that Milk Thistle at least appeared to have some effect on the liver. I suspect so many of the supplements out there do not do anything at all.

My objective is to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year, I am swimming four times a week and going to the gym about three times per week. Simultaneously, I am making some changes in my diet. The advertisement claimed you did not have to do any of this to lose weight except take their product. But, I did not buy into this. I will update this article to let readers know what my results are.


Therefore, my conclusion is that this dream was prompted by my having taken a detoxifying supplement, yet it had some other deeper meaning behind it because of the shame or embarrassment I felt over having the toxins in my body. Dreams often carry dual messages – they can match patterns that seem unrelated, but on a certain level there is a relationship – physical toxins and spiritual toxins both exist and must be removed. The spiritual malady may be the root cause of the physical in many cases.

Putting pressure on the bruise represents taking action to detoxifying, not only taking the supplement; but swimming, going to the gym and changing dietary practices.

“Mirror, Mirror in my head,

I can only see you in my bed”


Dreams Which Predict Illnesses (such as tumors) That Turn Out to be True Neuroscience Explanation

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Study From the University of Maryland Medical Center

Milk thistle

Overview from article

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for 2,000 years as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver, kidney, and gall bladder problems. Several scientific studies suggest that substances in milk thistle (especially a flavonoid called silymarin) protect the liver from toxins, including certain drugs, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), which can cause liver damage in high doses. Silymarin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And it may help the liver repair itself by growing new cells.

Although a number of animal studies demonstrate that milk thistle can be helpful in protecting the liver, results in human studies are mixed.