Defense Mechanisms Open – A Short Dream about Overcoming Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms Open

Hull of ship under construction showing what will become the watertight compartments.

Defense Mechanisms Open is a dream where I am walking through something that is like the hull of a ship with watertight compartments. There are huge metal doors that will close if an intruder comes near. I feel that I am such an intruder, but there is a guard or guide with me who is allowing me to penetrate through areas I presumed I would not be allowed to enter.

Watertight Door Defense Mechanism Watertight Door

I thought these heavy defenses were designed to keep me out. I am dumbfounded that this guide is letting me pass through these areas. I am fantasizing within the dream the battle/energy that would be required to break through these impregnable positions if the doors were rolled down. I can see Marines storming position like the Japanese concrete bunkers that were depicted in the movie “Hacksaw Ridge” where they had to shove an explosive satchel into the machine gun slot. I realized the huge amount of effort that was required to pass through these positions had they been locked down.

Machine Gun Bunker Defense Mechanism

Japanese Bunker at Peleliu

I am wondering if the guard/guide knows it has been my job to crack into these bunkers. I am afraid he is going to stop me at any moment when he figures out who I am.

But we keep walking through a couple watertight compartments and are entering another. The guard/guide continues to beckon me forward and I am still very apprehensive of the situation. I have a realization that being allowed to do this is saving me a lot of effort in the future. These defense mechanisms had cost me a lot of time and energy in the past.

I do not recall the dream having an end – I was just heading or being led into another compartment uncontested and do not recall anything after that.

Dream Interpretation

The dream ego is being allowed to wander in the unconscious right hemisphere in an attempt to be more open in its world. I expect to be blocked by myself as the waking ego – the guide/guard who will normally not allow me to feel – but I seem to be relaxing my defenses and allowing myself to explore areas that were once forbidden by my own defense mechanisms when things were too much of a challenge to my ego.

This could possibly be some self-acceptance creeping in -not trying so hard to hold up a self-image – letting more reality enter the picture.

It is not so much that the areas were blocked physically as that my ability to cope with the reality was so painful that I had to avoid or block certain realities. But the mental construct to avoid reality was so rigid that is metaphorically represented by a massive watertight door like those that were depicted in the movie Titanic.

The Guide Assisting in Getting Defense Mechanisms Open

I, as the dream-ego, is the one who feels like the intruder. The guide/guard is some source of inner guidance construct (my spirit) that desires me to move forward into the more positive aspects of life. By letting go or opening my defense mechanisms I will be freer to express myself and develop closer friendships and relationships with others. And, lately I have been putting myself out into the world and becoming part of society again.

After my mental breakdown, almost ten years ago, I shut myself off from the world and isolated a good bit of the time. I have started going back to meetings, joined a gym and a swimming pool where I frequently talk and get to know a few of the people. Therefore, it appears that my spirit is coming back to life – this also has been a gradual process as can be seen in some of my prior dreams – *Spark of Life” or “Transformation”.

Defense Mechanisms What it take to crack strong defenses

Machine Gun Bunker Metaphor

Defense mechanisms can be extremely formidable constructs that take time to disassemble, and I am talking years for some of them. I do not believe that they can come down instantly just by having knowledge that they exist – but it is more of a constant chipping away. I would have to credit several years of therapy and the dream work I have done to get to this position. The difficulty in cracking these defense mechanisms open is metaphorically represented by the fantasy within the dream of having to assault a machine gun bunker. There were many men thrown against this bunker and I was aware of the sacrifice that was require to get that charge in the hole. Breaking defense mechanisms is an onerous task which takes a bit of determined effort.

Conclusion of Defense Mechanisms Open

As the dream-ego it had been my job to ‘crack’ these defense mechanisms open which depicts my efforts through dream work and therapy. I am in disbelief that another part of my own mind is trying to assist me – it appears that I felt that I always had to work against it. As if the self-destructive side wasn’t really a part of myself, but some foreign source. But in reality, I was the one who built the defense mechanisms to begin with. At the time they made some sort of self protective sense. However, they no longer are required, kind of like the old machine gun bunkers on all of those Pacific Islands. There is no need to defend them anymore, yet they do not seem to go away because the original threat is gone. The defense mechanisms get adapted as part of your normal life which can hamper one’s growth.

Also, I do not assume that these defenses are down permanently, they can be raised again whenever a threat is assumed, most likely reflexively. However, being aware of what is occurring will allow me to use more discretion and I can have some degree of control over keeping the defense mechanisms open.