Deception Dream – Corruption of the Sacred

Deception Dream Introduction

Deception dream involves the discovery that something very wrong has been taking place in our country. The values that I was taught to believe in growing up have diminished, and in some cases, are non-existent. This leads to a loss in what I thought was sacred, not in a religious sense, but that which comes with a national identity of what I am as a United States citizen.

Deception Dream

I have some vague recollections of betrayals and treachery taking place inside this large cathedral. I made a narrow escape investigating things that I was not supposed to witness. I was escaping or hastily retreating from the inner chambers where I had discovered this mass deception.

Deception Dream Deception Dream
I had just come outside a cathedral door to meet with my brother and tell him of the deception. The door led to a portico or covered upper platform that was surrounded by small pinnacles with double crucifixes at the top of each one. It is raining rather heavily. I had discovered while I was inside that there was massive deception taking place, not only in the church but in all of society. My brother is the only one I can trust with the information. My brother is the only one who can handle and understand the information without reacting radically. I was fearful when divulging the information, a sense of paranoia – I feared the wrong people would discover that I knew too much.
My sister and her husband are standing in the courtyard below, I do not want them to hear us – they would not understand or not want to believe what is really going on. They would think I was being paranoid.

My brother and myself are dressed in business suits with trench coats to protect us from the rain. I go to reach for something in my suit coat pocket and discover under the suit I am wearing a priest’s black tunic with rosary beads wrapped around my waist. The rosary beads are made of very valuable black stones – looked like obsidian, but had value of diamonds.

At first my reaction was that I had to get rid of the priest’s outfit because I might get caught. Then, I think that I had better keep the tunic because I may need it later to continue my work inside the cathedral. I want to join my family outside the cathedral, but realize that I must finish my work inside.

Deception Dream Interpretation / Dream Meaning

What evoked the deception dream was that I had just finished reading two books by Colonel Fletcher Prouty, “The Secret Team” and “JFK: The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John Kennedy”. In these books Prouty uncovers many of the deceptions that have been pulled over on the American public based on many events he was involved in and knowledge he had access to. Prouty had been an Air Force pilot during WWII and later worked in the Pentagon as a liaison between the military and the CIA. Much of the information is in public records, but who would know to look for it. And, most of us are so busy trying to survive that we really do not have time to think about it – or take the flack if you publicly criticize the country and its actions. This information is very rarely covered in official news channels.

Deception Dream

Colonel Fletcher Prouty

People talk about “fake news” today, but it has been going on forever I supposed. But the “Warren Commission” (1963/1964) is the first blatant instance that really comes to mind. The single gunman firing from the rear and magic bullet theories were absurd. Allen Dulles, ex-head of the CIA was on the Warren Commission. Apparently after Kennedy fired Allen Dulles as CIA Director, Dulles still had control over certain “rouge” elements within the CIA and cooperation of high levels of the military and industry.

When watching the Zapruder film of the assassination as it took place, it is obvious that the final shot that struck JFK was from in front of Kennedy’s limousine– from the ‘grassy knoll’ – that authorities would deny. Admitting this would ruin the single shooter version which had been carefully rehearsed. Both the head of the CIA and the head of the FBI were on the Warren Commission which made these ridiculous claims. Wouldn’t you think that these two of all people could figure that out by just watching the film that the final shot did not come from the rear? One can only assume guilt on their part because of this blatant lie. I think most people know this, but officially the truth has never been put forward by the press.

No one ever comes out and says – “Allen Dulles was the main planner of the assassination of John F Kennedy”, but it is rather obvious that he was. and, he had many elves such as David Atlee Philips, General Edward Lansdale, George H W Bush, J Edgar Hoover and several high ranking military officials. Plus, some members of the Secret Service and Dallas Police Department were in on the plot.

It does appear to be a bit of a coincidence that both Dulles brothers who advocated the war in Vietnam, happened to work at the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell many of whose clients profited heavily from the 500 billion dollars spent on the Vietnam War. In addition to this, there were also the profits generated from about 40 countries in which the CIA had actively agitated the political situations. Allen’s brother John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State while Allen was heading the CIA, that alone seems to be a huge conflict of interest.

Two brothers from the same privileged background and who both worked at the same law firm just happened to wind up having control over all our country’s international relations. It does appear that things were rigged.

This was a theft of the rights of freedom to all the men who had fought and those who had died in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and now the Middle East. Most of these men who fought and died were not the privileged few who took control of the power. Instead of governance by the people, it became control by the privileged – or, “the haves and have mores” as George W Bush referred to his friends at an elite gathering.

The Dream Ego Searches for Truth in Deception Dream

My brother in the dream represents my rational side, my brother in real life was always the rational one, but I, as the dream-ego/priest, am the radical always trying to get to the bottom of things, the truth about what is going on out there, which is my usual part in real life.

The cathedral and priest’s tunic represent the spiritual or sacred part of life which can be equated with the unconscious mind which is usually depicted in the dream world. The unconscious mind (right hemisphere) is thought to be the core area of empathy and the desire to connect with our fellow man – our human spirit.

Doubled crucifixes atop the pinnacles are possibly a sign of being double crossed.

Double Crucifix

Returning to the Cathedral

Returning to the inside of the church – spiritual place – going back to the inside of the mind to examine what has actually taken place. The brain is naturally configured with a left and right hemisphere or a rational and intuitive side to assist the dreamer in determining their individual reality or what is real in their world.

Most dreams are emotionally driven. It is raining in the dream and water normally stands for emotion in my dreams. Raining may be a metaphor for crying or that the soul is suffering. Below the brain’s hemispheres lies the structures that control emotion known as the limbic system. The limbic system is highly active during the dreaming process. No doubt that reading these books triggered emotions. I felt cheated, tricked and crossed – as the double crucifixes atop the pinnacles may imply – as if I had just been a puppet reacting to whoever was pulling the strings. The values I have held high for many years have been diminished because of these sorted actions by government officials.

I realize in the dream that this revelation must be handled carefully, therefore I am only telling my brother because he will know how to handle the information rationally – I do not include my sister and brother-in-law in the conversation – as if there was a fear of letting too many people know what I had discovered.

Coup d’e tat

Much of this information has been out there for years, but reading these books somehow made it sink in that everything has been a deception since Kennedy was assassinated. It was a true coup d’e tat and government by the people was changed to government by a very few people at the top of the military industrial complex.

The deception takes place in a cathedral in the dream – it hit me at a core or spiritual level causing a conflict with everything I had been taught to believe in. I grew up watching “Superman” where virtue was ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way”. After the Kennedy assassination, the American Way has been severed from ‘Truth and Justice’.

Malthusian economics, again, became the rule of the day. Thomas Malthus, a British economist from early 1800s, deemed war, famine and pestilence necessary to cull the population. Therefore, war was a necessary part of a healthy economy. Connect the dots with the following: Yale University, Skull and Bones, the Bushes, Bundy’s, Sullivan and Cromwell, and the Dulles brothers.

Brief Vietminh History Lesson

During World War II, the American forces worked with Ho Chi Minh and his Vietminh forces to fight the Japanese. The French troops in Vietnam at that time were helping the Japanese, betraying the Allied cause. Ho Chi Minh was an American ally and after WWII, America shipped him tons of surplus American supplies from Okinawa after Japan had been defeated. Ho Chi Minh planned to use the Constitution of the United States as the new constitution for Vietnam.

The government of the newly created South Vietnam was illegitimate and very corrupt just like all the other governments the CIA has propped up with dictators with their para-military forces and death squads.


Shortly after the end of WWII, Allen Dulles and the CIA had been involved in starting turmoil in SE Asia 20 years prior to the start of the Vietnam war. According to the original plan, the French were supposed to leave Indochina and the U.S. originally supported Ho Chi Minh and his Vietminh Nationalist Forces. But then through a lot of illegal convoluted dealings between the French, English and CIA/Allen Dulles; American ships bought French troops back to Vietnam. Even though the U.S. military was not officially directly involved from 1945 until about 1963, the U.S. funded most of the French involvement and the CIA was covertly connected to operations in Laos and Vietnam beginning in 1945.

This was done primarily for profit motive of the French colonialists and companies like Michelin Tire for their rubber plantations – and, lets not forget the lucrative drug trade for both pharmaceutical companies and organized crime. And, since Allen Dulles was involved, I suspect the shareholders of the clients of Sullivan and Cromwell got their cut.

FDR had intended to end colonialism at the end of WWII, but he had died just a few months before the end of the war and new political powers took the reins of powers. These people did not seek peace, but the creation of limited proxy wars to boost their war production profits to which they had grown accustomed.

The CIA actively promoted the fear of “communism” far beyond the reality of the actual threat to achieve their goals. And, had they not been playing their games in Vietnam and Laos beginning in 1945 perhaps the Korean war would not have taken place. The CIA, mainly Allen Dulles, created an atmosphere of distrust and fear in SE Asia.

I was somewhat aware of what had taken place in SE Asia, this information just confirmed my suspicions from a highly credible source since Prouty was an Air Force Colonel.

Gary Powers and the U2 Incident

The incident that stunned me was the U2 captured over Russia in 1959. I was about 7 at the time but I can still remember the seriousness of the discussions at our house. My understanding was that the plane was shot down by the Russians and I did not understand the political ramifications at the time, and as far as I can recall other possible reasons were never discussed.

Colonel Prouty pointed out some very important facts of which I was totally unaware. 1) President Eisenhower had his all-important ‘Peace Summit’ coming up with the Russians two weeks before the U2 was bought down. A month or so prior to the U2 incident, Eisenhower ordered all U2 flights to be cancelled. Eisenhower had to approve each flight before he suspended the missions. However, Eisenhower was not informed of this particular U2 flight – this plane was not supposed to have ever taken off. The U2 spy missions were a CIA sponsored program designed to take pictures from a high altitude of 70,000 ft. that could not be reached by Russian planes or missiles.

Yet, someone planned and gave the order for this flight to take off and it appears that the CIA’s objective was to have the plane crash. Their intention was to derail the peace initiative to end the cold war in 1959. It is suspected that someone tampered with the hydrogen supply which was necessary to help the fuel burn at altitudes as high as 70,000 feet. This would force the pilot to drop his plane low enough to reignite the fuel. When he came down Russian Migs were waiting for the pilot, Gary Powers.

Air Force Colonel Fletcher Prouty on right.

There are several versions of what happened: 1) Gary Powers’ U2 was not shot down, he was forced to land by the Russians in a farm field and captured which is supported by Colonel Prouty. 2) Another version claims that a Russian missile struck the plane as portrayed in the 2015 Tom Hanks film, “Bridge of Spies” which is the only version ever printer by the American press 3) A Russian pilot claims he rammed the U2 knocking it’s wings off, his MiG had been stripped of armaments to lighten his craft so that it would fly higher than the normal MiG.

The Russians did shoot one of their own MiG’s down with a missile in the incident killing the pilot.

What Happened to Plausible Deniability?

Two very suspicious changes were made on the Gary Powers’ mission versus the normal U2 flight. 1) Pilots on these missions were never supposed to carry any identification. Additionally, these planes were scrubbed down, meaning all identification was removed from every part of the aircraft of the individual manufacturer’s so that the country of origin would be a mystery to make an incident plausibly deniable.Gary Power’s plane was loaded with his personal identification; Air Force ID and his driver license. Someone planted this information in Power’s parachute. There was even an American flag which stated, “I am an American” in 14 different languages.

2) The most top-secret piece of equipment on a U2 was the special cameras that could take photos from 70,000 ft. and could identify someone reading a newspaper on the ground. These special cameras had been removed from Gary Power’s aircraft and replaced with some old junk cameras. Whoever planned the sabotage did not want this real secret to fall into Soviet hands. The sophisticated cameras shown in the “Bridge of Spies” film where not on Gary Powers’ U2.

According to the mission rules, Powers was supposed to have committed suicide rather than be captured. This adds attempted murder to the charges of those responsible – they had sabotaged Powers’ U2 to crash, assuming he would either die in the crash or commit suicide if he survived. This has all the modus operandi of Allen Dulles. Prouty mentioned someone having written a hand scrawled note with four of the CIA men responsible for putting this mission together. If one of them was not Allen Dulles, he certainly was aware of it. Prouty never mentioned the names because he knew the men.

Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev said that anyone wishing to understand the U-2’s mission should “seek a reply from Allen Dulles, at whose instructions the American aircraft flew over the Soviet Union.” [1]

Allen Dulles was thus responsible for two successful attempts at ending world peace. By both derailing the Eisenhower Peace Summit and plotting the assassination of JFK immediately after JFK issued an executive order (NSAM # 263) to pull out of Vietnam. Kennedy’s executive order was reversed six days after he was killed by NSAM # 273 by adding a clause which opened the door to escalation of the war in Vietnam. This seemingly slight change appears to have been rather high on someone’s agenda to have been changed that quickly when the rest of the nation stood in shock over Kennedy’s murder.

Allen Dulles’ evil conniving would eventually lead to the deaths of millions of people putting him in the ranks of a Stalin or Hitler, the real ‘Skull and Bones’ club.

The point of all of this in the Deception Dream

When studying American history as a youth, one is imbibed with the ideas that we are the good guys. The high ideals with which the constitution was written and the great men who led the country through difficult times; Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. These men give a sense of having a noble character.

And, then after 1963 the nation was basically hi-jacked by the powerful and wealthy industrial-military complex which Presidents Eisenhower had forewarned the nation in his ‘Farewell Address’. Tragedies such as Vietnam, several Central American conflicts, and in the Middle East seemed to have been contrived to keep a war based economy intact. Rather than seeking peace and looking for other economic solutions, this select group of people chose to stick to the old tried and true methods of bringing misery to many while bringing wealth to a few.

Having focused on these events for several weeks reading books and watching videos on YouTube it really hit home that when you start connecting all the dots that something is fundamentally wrong. The American system and dream has gone way off track and is becoming a nightmare.

The Priests Garments and Very Valuable Rosary Beads

Deception Dream

The wearing of the priest’s garments underneath the business attire represents that I am dealing with the sacred. The nationalistic feeling of one’s country, especially when from a country established with such high ideals as the United States of America touches on the sacred, even though we have separation from church and state – this is a separate sacredness where a God is not involved, but very high principles whereby a people have agreed to work together for the common good with liberty and justice for all.

It is the kind of sacred one feels when walking over the battlefields of the Civil War here in the States and on foreign battlefields, also, when at certain memorials like the Lincoln Memorial or in the Rotunda of the Congress. The ideals laid down, many taken from those developed from French Enlightenment in the latter half of the 18th century, were based on new ideas of the 18th century; like the ‘equality of man’ and educating the masses.

The fact that the rosary beads were very valuable represents the high value of this sort of sacredness. The beads were not something I thought I could sell, but something that I knew was very important to hold onto. Although the items are religious they represent more of a patriotic sacredness because I am an agnostic/atheist depending on the day.

Conclusion of Deception Dream

This dream pointed out my own view of reality based on the recent books and videos I had just digested. I believe this reality seeking function is one of the basic purposes of dreams. With all the “fake news” out there today, we need to depend on our own brains to sort through the deluge of misinformation a.k.a. lies. Apparently, evolution foresaw the need to be able to spot anomalies as a means of survival. While dreaming, one of the brains functions is to play out these anomalies so that each individual can get a better picture of the reality they face.

Deception Dream Footnotes:

[1] Beschloss (1986), pp. 234, 242-52; quoted in Barrett (2005), p. 386. and Wikipedia


Deception Dream

The Secret Team by Fletcher Prouty



Deception Dream

JFK: The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John Kennedy


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