Siege of Defense Mechanisms 8/10/11

I am in this ancient city that is under siege by enemy – I am back in some dwellings with a bunch of townspeople who are worried about what will happen to them when the town falls – It seems to be apparent that the town will fall – the enemy is too strong – I go to the city walls where the fighting is taking place – it is night time; fires and the moonlight are creating an ire effect. They are lighting up the battlements – the town army is putting up quite a fight – the walls are massive – and complex – with many curves and levels – I pass the catapults where men are loading stones and the catapults automatically take them in and firing them out – the ingenuity of men amazes me – I think of Archimedes – the men just placed the rocks in a hole and the machine would fire them as fast as they could get them from the pile of rocks – I see stones hitting walls where enemy is trying to climb – many of the walls are empty of defenders – and I wonder why archers are not manning them – then I see wall below that there are some archers, but none on the top wall – as if many positions that should be fill are not – the enemy seems to be climbing the walls everywhere – in massive numbers – no lack of manpower on their side – But it does appear that there is a great shortage of manpower on ours – Then I go back to where people whom I was with before were still gathered – Apparently there is some type of cavern under the building structures where we dwelled that we can hide in – but it seems to me the entrance is too obvious and we will be discovered – however I notice that there is a good water supply down there. Then it is daylight and I think the town has fallen – I am watching from a distance and can see the enemy talking with other city dweller – like they are taking some kind of census – finding out where everybody is – still have fear and think we have to hide in cavern – I am down in cavern and it feels safe – and I seem to like it – it’s cool (neat)l and I feel comfortable – I am by myself or maybe one or two others down there also – not worried about being discovered at this point – – Ends here


Dream Interpretation |Fortress at Aleppo represents my defense mechanisms.

Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation:

Not sure if I wondered why I and the townspeople were not fighting – like it was not our place or position – But in the dream it represents my not working now – like part of me feels I am not doing my part – but I feel like this is not my place now -that what I am doing fills some other purpose that will help the townspeople latter – it might provide them with a safe place – away from the fighting. Also, not fighting could mean I have abandoned my defense mechanisms, I am open to character flaws and discussing them with my therapist – no longer denying them or defending them. also, the lack of manpower could be that I am currently not fighting due to the mental breakdown and trying to recuperate.

The siege is the way life works on the outside – everyone is constantly attacking – in business world – not only competitors – but within my own company – crooked boss, his henchmen, and some customers they have riled up against me. – Maybe your own mind is attacking when it repeats the tapes that it has recorded from the past – parents – teachers and other authority figures –

The cavern I think represents – therapy, writing book and dreams – it is safe and mind expanding – an experience that is cool in a far out sense – cavern is underground – like the subconscious – water is plentiful and so are my dreams – plus water usually represents emotion in my dreams and as I lower my defense mechanisms, my emotions are starting to become available.

Towns people are others who have turned to another way of life – no longer warriors who seem to fight without any thought as to way – but just go on driven by unconscious impulses to conquer and acquire – without knowing what for – Warriors in dream keep moving forward without thought of weapons aimed at them – just keep going up ladders and scaling walls as if compelled to keep moving forward no matter what – I was like this in early days at selling computer systems – a friend in sales referred to me as the warrior – because I kept moving forward even after I had been defeated . It seemed to amaze him – he knew of all the problems I had with 1st wife and crooked boss – I had 1st wife in Law school – and kept moving with my entire entourage – as he refer to it – live in maid & kids plus 1st wife –

City walls are defense mechanisms – they are no longer holding the enemy back but are being penetrated – so I have to retreat to a safer place – the cavern – I am no longer manning the walls – the walls are missing archers – when the other archers are pointed out to me – perhaps this is me manning the walls in a different position – one that is not recognized at first as fighting – since I am in more of a esoteric place – writing dreams and a book that people are skeptical about – if fact I can’t even tell some people because they would think this was crazy – wasting my time and really not accomplishing anything that will really help save the city. (my responsibilities – supporting family) but I think in the long run this will be of value –and will help save the townspeople I was with in the dream (the people I have to support – children) – the cavern was for everybody to live in – very spacious – that was why I felt secure when there was a plentiful water supply – which was always a concern (water supply) when ancient cities were under siege.

Dream Interpretation |Fortress at Aleppo represents my defense mechanisms.Fortress at Aleppo represents my defense mechanisms.

Not being worried about being discovered at end – and feeling comfortable – may be a certain level of self acceptance.

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