Recovery from PTSD : Circular Rainbow Surrounds Window in the Sky

Recovery from PTSD - A Dream - I anticipate an astronomical event. A circle appears in the sky where the outer circumference is a rainbow caused by a diffraction of light. The sun is shinning on two different planets, I clearly see one of the planets and the sun is shinning directly on it, and a bright ray is being reflected out into space. Then I realize that the two rays have intersected causing this hole or window to appear in the sky.

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PTSD Recovery in Process – “Needles and Pins”

PTSD Recovery in Process - Needles and Pins PTSD Recovery dream centers around the sensitive causes of the trauma and attempts to work on alleviating the pain by removing the source. The subtopic is the insensitivity of some of the people around me. Those the just say, "Just get over it and move on", although, well [...]

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Rage Dissipates When I am Finally Understood

August 2012 The Doors of Perception Dream –Opening the Doors of Perception to let out the Anger and Rage When the dream starts I am looking for a condo to live in – I look at a huge complex many floors, 20 or more stories high – on a lake – it was really nice [...]

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Taking Control of Life Despite Russian Terrorists and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Taking Control of My Life Despite Attacks by Russian Commandos and Tyrannosaurus Rex The dream starts out in the neighborhood where I grew up–I was walking up nearby streets Thurman Ave and Sheridan Ave in Hyattsville, MD. My house seems to be locked up, no one was [...]

Collective Unconscious – White Dragon – Becoming The Spirit

Suddenly, we could see this beautiful white dragon flying in the distance. It was covered with soft white feathers and looked very powerful, strong, proud and noble. It was a brilliant white and shone in the rays of the sun. This White Dragon represents becoming the spirit of my true nature that has been hiding in a cavern (collective unconscious) for most of my life.

PTSD Rage Storm – Powerful Destructive Force

There is a huge electrical storm heading towards the building. The bottom of the storm is like a huge tornado, which is very wide at the bottom. However, the bottom of it is just packed with unharnessed destructive angry electrical energy and at the top of the funnel regular bolts of lightning strike constantly.

Transformation – ‘Real’ vs. ‘Neurotic’ Suffering = Growth vs. Self Destruction

Transformation Transformation is a dream about moving beyond the “neurotic” suffering of regurgitating past wounds and injustices which stem for PTSD or Complex PTSD. I was able to transform through “real” suffering by working on the issues in therapy, Alcoholics Anonymous, taking my medications as prescribed. By transforming I mean being able to feel alive [...]

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Dream Work – A Precarious Journey through the Dark Side

Dark side or shadow of unconscious is depicted in this journey through the subconscious metaphorically. Dreamwork offers new liberating insight while simultaneously exposing trauma and rage.

“The Impresario” – Playing Head Games with the Diabolic Side of Subconscious

The large machine that controls everything is the subconscious. The machine is an archaic 19th century piece of the elaborate craftsmanship, just as is the subconscious is an archaic part of our anatomy monitoring and controlling our lives sometimes in primitive mode.

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Jungian ‘Individuation’ – “The Ravine” – Becoming the True Self

This dream depicts the Individuation Process and some of the difficulties achieving individuation. A combination for psychoanalysis and intense dream work using Jungian and Freudian psychoanalysis have been used to decipher the dream meaning.

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