Dreams Predicting Illness Neuroscientific Explanation – Body Map

  How Do Dreams Predicting Illness, such as Cancer or Tumors, Get Produced? Dreams predicting illness is somewhat of a common phenomenon. Many people have had dreams where in the dream they become aware of a tumor, some form of cancer, or warnings of a stroke and it turns out to be a reality. Often [...]

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Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation – Is Ending It’s Dark Age

Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation - The Beginning Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation was popularized by Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and others through their use of dreams during the psychoanalytic process in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Freud tended to stick to purely scientific methodology accepting theory that could be validated through physiological phenomena whereas Jung added [...]

Dream Interpretation and Recording on iPhone

Dream Interpretation - Adopting new technology – it just took a while for me to connect the dots. When I discovered my new i-phone had the ability not only to record, but that the dictation mode also types out the recording – I started to record my dreams directly into the i-phone or i-pad-mini. Then to make it incredibly easy, using i-cloud, the typed out dream document on my i-phone was instantly and automatically transferred to my Apple Computer. If you don’t have an Apple Computer, you can e-mail yourself a copy of the notes and copy and paste it into your PC.

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Why Do We Dream? From A Teleological Perspective: Dreams = Survival

Why Do We Dream? When many people have a dream, they think someone else should tell them what it means, as if the dream is not related to their own life. But need it be someone else? Is that even desirable? If it is indeed true that dreams come from the very depths of the dreamer’s psyche, who else can interpret a dream better than the dreamer?... Free Dreams: Go to menu at top and select Dreams - select "Free Membership" after Registering !

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Dream Theory – The Garden of Terror

Dream Theory – The Garden of Terror Why do dreams come in symbolic form? Why does the unconscious/subconscious (same) mind transmit its knowledge in such an archaic form? Using Darwinian theory – the dream mechanism evolved – it has very primitive roots – perhaps and most likely going back to an epoch prior to the [...]

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