Complex-PTSD makes Individuation Difficult – Showdown with the Shadow

Complex-PTSD Dream - Introduction Let's first define Complex-PTSD or complex post-traumatic stress disorder - Complex-PTSD, also known as complex trauma,[1] is a proposed diagnostic term for a set of symptoms resulting from 'prolonged' stress of a social and/or interpersonal nature, especially in the context of interpersonal dependence. Subjects displaying traits associated with Complex-PTSD include victims of 'chronic maltreatment' [...]

Panic Attack – Trapped with No Way Out

Panic Attack - Trapped with No Way Out Cameo Appearance Sandra Bullock – My Spacecraft is Falling Apart - Panic Attack 10-14-2013 The Dream Controls Breaking Up or Apart - Panic Attack Dream I am in a spacecraft like the space shuttle – every time I push a button – the button breaks off and [...]

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Fear – Paralyzed by Fear, Overcoming Fear and Regaining Control

3/14/2012 – I Married Nurse Jackie? Paralyzing Fear – Then Regaining Control of Situation Phase I of the Dream - Snake in the Basement - Fear Takes Hold   I was in bed in the basement of the house I grew up in – I was afraid to move, almost paralyzed by fear – there [...]

Zombie Attack – Narcissists Suck Out Your Life’s Energy

Suddenly, I am trapped with a lot of other people – the zombies started coming from all directions - I had not anticipated that they would suddenly be all over the place. I assumed they were behind me – suddenly they were in front of us and on the floors above and below us. There were no openings - other hallways or stairways to escape to – I was out of options – everyone was trapped.

PTSD WWII A Soldier’s Journey through the Inferno of the Third Reich

Part II PTSD - A Soldier's Journey A Soldier’s Journey through The Inferno of The Third Reich PTSD WWII Central Europe Campaign By early February 1945 Germany had been completely driven out of Belgium and was pushed back to their West Wall on the German border known as the Siegfried Line. [...]

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PTSD Story from Battle of the Bulge

Part I: A Father's Combat Experience in WWII One Soldier's Experience in the Confusion of the "Battle of the Bulge" Landing in Europe and The Battle of Brest PTSD Combat Fatigue was a common symptom of the soldier's who took part in the campaigns of WWII, however, most were never treated due to the lack [...]

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Jungian Individuation II – Big Rigs in Texas

The dream “Jungian Individuation II’ picks up on several of the same topics from prior dreams. With dreams, the subconscious mind’s work is never done, it is always aims to realign one’s thought process to changing conditions in the waking environment of the dreamer. This particular dream to me is a wake-up call or reminder that I have a mission to complete which I put on hold due to technical complications with my website. In the dream interpretation, I will attempt to show how this dream ties into several other dreams – depicting that each dream is not a separate entity or event, but part of the total picture of what transpires in each person’s life.

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Emotional Flood – A New Relationship – Openness Results in Trust

This dream was evoked in response to my having an encounter with a woman where we made an agreement to exclusively suspend our searching for other possible mates on a dating site until we had time to just examine each other. Her name is Daria.

Taking Control of Life Despite Russian Terrorists and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Taking Control of My Life Despite Attacks by Russian Commandos and Tyrannosaurus Rex The dream starts out in the neighborhood where I grew up–I was walking up nearby streets Thurman Ave and Sheridan Ave in Hyattsville, MD. My house seems to be locked up, no one was [...]

Collective Unconscious – White Dragon – Becoming The Spirit

Suddenly, we could see this beautiful white dragon flying in the distance. It was covered with soft white feathers and looked very powerful, strong, proud and noble. It was a brilliant white and shone in the rays of the sun. This White Dragon represents becoming the spirit of my true nature that has been hiding in a cavern (collective unconscious) for most of my life.