Dream Evolution and Graphical Imagery – Dreaming Dinosaurs?

Dream Evolution and Graphical Imagery Dream Evolution Introduction Dream Evolution and Graphical Imagery attempts to explain why dream content is mainly graphical. This is accounted for by the evolution of dreaming. Dream Evolution - Why Are Dreams Mainly Graphical? I was always perplexed by the mystery that if our dreams are so meaningful why are [...]

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Deception Dream – Corruption of Sacred in Cathedral

Deception dream involves the discovery that something very wrong has been taking place in our country. The values that I was taught to believe in growing up have diminished, and in some cases, are non-existent. This leads to a loss in what I thought was sacred, not in a religious sense, but that which comes with a national identity of what I am as a United States citizen.

Defense Mechanisms Open Dream – Guide Leads Me Through Watertight Doors

Defense Mechanisms Open - A Short Dream about Overcoming Defense Mechanisms Hull of ship under construction showing what will become the watertight compartments. Defense Mechanisms Open is a dream where I am walking through something that is like the hull of a ship with watertight compartments. There are huge metal doors that will [...]

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Detoxifying Dream – Spiritual – Physical – Weight Loss

Detoxifying My Body - Weight Loss/ Negative Thoughts Detoxifying dream – Introduction – This dream, both on physical and spiritual levels, I believe resulted from my taking a supplement, Milk Thistle, to remove toxins from my liver to lose weight. I had just begun taking it when the dream occurred. Detoxifying Dream I was looking [...]

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Attention Deficit Disorder – Inherited Genetically – ADD depicted in a Dream

Attention Deficit and the Chariot Race Dream – 7-12-2017 Attention Deficit Dream – Introduction Attention deficit dream is an amusing piece where attention deficit is overcome in a chariot race when one of the horses must run backwards after hitching to its chariot in the reverse direction. The dream is mainly about my children, of [...]

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Mental Health Warriors, not Survivors – Dissociation

Jungian Individuation III – Mental Health Warriors Introduction - Mental Health Warriors dream is about growing through complex PTSD and taking credit for fighting through many difficult situations in life. Having never been given credit or recognition for the heroic efforts I made while others in positions of authority stole the credit for the accomplishments I [...]

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Dreams Predicting Illness Neuroscientific Explanation – Body Map

  How Do Dreams Predicting Illness, such as Cancer or Tumors, Get Produced? Dreams predicting illness is somewhat of a common phenomenon. Many people have had dreams where in the dream they become aware of a tumor, some form of cancer, or warnings of a stroke and it turns out to be a reality. Often [...]

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Dreams Uniting Mind, Body, Spirit Release Psychic Energy

    Dreams : Interpretation for "Spark of Life"   Dreams often represent the emotional state of the dreamer. In this dream, Spark of Life”, I am experiencing very positive emotions over having made progress in my recovery from PTSD and the mental breakdown that occurred several years before. The following interpretation depicts various [...]

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Nervous Breakdown and Recovery Dream Interpretation

Nervous Breakdown Dream Interpretation   Nervous Breakdown Dream - Possible Cause or Trigger of Dream Dreams are often triggered by an event that occurred recently in our lives. Usually, by events that triggered some strong emotions. Dreams fundamentally represent the emotional side of our lives, much of which is carried out on an [...]

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Shadow Dark Force – The Final Showdown – Complex PTSD Recovery

Jungian Individuation III – The Few, The Proud and The Brave Introduction - This dream is about growing through complex PTSD and taking credit for fighting through many difficult situations in life. Having never been given credit or recognition for the heroic efforts I made by others who stole the credit – I realize I [...]

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