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I’m digging in the garden in the backyard of the house that I grew up in. I am digging in little space at the end of the garden near the back fence where there had always been a lot of very hard clay. The family was out there watching me dig and I just started hitting the clay and it would just magically breakaway – I would just tap it and a huge slice would just fall away – like a hot knife through butter – and all of a sudden it started becoming this huge pit. And the digging gets easier – it seems as soon as I tapped the clay another big sheet – like 50 feet wide and 100 feet deep sheets of clay just falls off the side of this huge pit. The falling clay just disappears and does not collect in the pit. All of a sudden it started to be coming this gaping hole and an ancient underground city starts to be uncovered. Dream Interpretation |Ancient Temple in India representing Spiritual Archetype. Spiritual Archetype

This underground city is in India and there are huge temples carved down into the rock below and huge tombs like the ones in Petra. (Spiritual Archetype – Jung) The pit just started opening up revealing a city of intricately carved ancient artwork. The hole is now very deep, maybe over 100 maybe 200 feet down. All of a sudden this water started gushing out of the clay/porous rock as if it were an underground river – it came out of these three circles – there was no pipe, but from the way it flowed you would have thought that there had to be pipes. It just poured out of the solid clay that looked no different from the clay next to it, but the water poured only from the area within the three circular invisible spouts. It started filling up this pit and it formed this huge quarry with a large pool of water. Then just as quickly as the water came, it suddenly drains away and we could see the ancient city again.

Dream Interpretation | 'Spiritual archetype' in Jungian psychoanalytic dream interpretation.

This is a picture of Petra – tombs located outside of the city and it is being used to represent the ‘spiritual archetype’ in Jungian analytical dream interpretation. Carl Jung felt access to some spiritual level was necessary for the analytic process to be successful. Jung’s concept was picked by Alcoholics Anonymous and incorporated in their steps to recovery.

But then it was like a damn burst upstream, and suddenly there was a flash flood – this stream of rough water was rushing from the top above us. We had gone down into the pit when we realized it was starting to flood again and we ended up crawling on this huge pile of rocks or boulders as the water was just pouring into the pit and rising – covering the ancient city again.

My brother was there, but I can’t remember who else but I seemed to know the other people quite well. I had taken the lead and I was on the top rock and felt like I was in command or control. The boulder I was perched on appeared to be safe at first, but then I realize my boulder was getting loose and was going to fall in the water below. I had to abandon this position and back down to another boulder that is safer and as I did the boulder I had been on plunged into the raging current.

Once again the water receded. I ended up going up this small stairway that led to the safety of the pavement on higher ground. When the water went away again, it left the ancient city exposed again and we went down there looking for ancient spiritual artifacts like little collectable stone statues of gods. I was looking for something interesting to take home and I saw some of statues and I started collecting them.

I assumed I had to hide them because we were being watch by government soldiers or officials who were making sure that things didn’t disappear from this ancient city. But since I uncovered and discovered it, I figured I deserve something for my effort.

The pit started filling up again but slowly this time, there was no emergency. Then I was supposed to take a shower at another old temple in the pit. My sister was there and she was taking a shower and I had to walk out on this very narrow ledge and I had a hang onto to these small little remnants of objects which protruded from the temple walls a little above my head, below is the marble or tile floor of the temple below – if I fall I will get smashed on the hard floor below. It was a rather precarious position and awkward angle to move about from. I was very worried about each step, there was little room for error, the ledge was very narrow – it was pretty far down with very hard flooring below.

Then all of a sudden I noticed that the pit was filled with water again and I realized it would break my fall. So, it really was not that dangerous. But, when I had looked down shortly before there was no water and I would’ve hit the tiles. But now it was filled again and I made it out to where the shower was supposed to be taken. At first I was concerned about taking my clothes off in front of my sister but then I suddenly have a bathing suit on, so I was okay. Dream Interpretation |Picture to represent the spiritual archetype from Petra.

Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation:

To me, the pit represents the subconscious. Forty years ago I would strike the clay with a hoe full force hardly making a dent. Form my late teens to my early twenties I would have my annual battle with this clay. I would try to go an inch or so deeper every year, so things would grow better there replacing the clay with top soil. That was some very hard clay!

1) Forty years ago the clay was hard and so was the wall into my subconscious, especially in regard to my emotional world. I started psychotherapy just when I turned twenty and this was really the only way I could really express myself. I was emotionally shutdown. But for the past 40 years I have been chipping away at this emotional block. I have been going off and on to therapy during this period and I have been in AA since 1980. Because of this persistent digging away at the unconscious, I have found it easier and easier to tap into the subconscious and I am able to reveal some of the impasses and difficulties that have had an adverse impact on my life. This is represented by the huge slices of clay breaking away and disappearing rather effortlessly. What was once difficult has been made easier. My inability to deal with emotions directly and consciously impede my progress in life, however, I have my dreams to assist me in getting this channel open.

2) Clay is the subconscious – it was as hard as rock when trying to dig through it 40 years ago – and so was my subconscious and emotional life. But in dream the clay is now like soft butter – easy for me to cut through, similar to what I access the subconscious through my dreams. 40 years ago I would come down on the clay full force with a hoe and it just about bounced off the clay was so hard. Form my late teens to my early twenties I would have my annual battle with this clay. I would try to go an inch or so deeper every year so things would grow better there replacing the clay with top soil. That was some hard clay! Dream Interpretation |Hindu temple used to represent the Spiritual archetype in Jungian dream analysis.

3) The family was aware of mental problems, but I was the only one digging – my dad went to therapy, but he really didn’t do the work – he just wanted to drink. But on some level I knew they understood why I had to do it.

4) The three circle (as if pipes were there, but it just came through the now porous clay – just in these three areas. (Emotions could flow) the impenetrable had become porous.

5) The ancient city in the ground – the sacred / spiritual place (Spiritual Archetype – Jungian Theory component of dream) had been opened up – Petra (tombs on outskirts of city), the Indian temples. This is where the Jungian theory of the spiritual side of the psyche must be addressed to make really progress in healing of a split personality or psyche. In another recent dream (Zoltar the barbarian) part of the action takes place in a church – so I have had an increase in dream activity in spiritual or religious settings. Therefore, it is my belief that these spiritual locations are showing up in my dreams because I am getting more in touch with the spiritual nature within myself. Dream Interpretation |Structure in Petra used to represent the Spiritual Archetype in dream.

6) The flooding – forty years ago – when I began therapy I had many dreams where flooding would occur. What it represented was the paralyzation I would experience when I felt emotions which were too hard for me to handle (Which were most emotions). In those dreams the flood would always remain and I could never move forward in the dreams and had great difficulties moving forward in life at that time. I was overwhelmed or incapacitated when I felt things strongly and had emotions, I could not verbalize these type of feelings.

7) The flooding – now – The floods still come but I get occasional breaks when the water recedes. I can make progress during these periods. The emotions are not as crippling as they were originally, but I can still get bogged down, and the flooding can still be dangerous. But it is not that helpless, frozen feeling – I can still keep moving, even though slowed down to a crawl at times. Also, the clay is more porous now, and the water (emotions) can flow through. I am starting to gain the capacity to feel some emotions without being overwhelmed.

8) Loose boulders could have been my experience at MacDonald, my marriage – never had a strong foundation – built my life on loose footings – feet where never firmly grounded – loose sand – the shaky boulder had to be abandoned. I ascended the heights, but position had to be abandoned. Too shaky and I had to move to firm ground – something I really understood – and was confident in – the dreams – and in a way it is spiritual in that it gets you touch with you true self – who you really are – your spirit.

9) Searching for little statues – this could be my opening up to a spiritual side of life. I have described myself as an agnostic living on the atheistic border for years. But now, I am opening up to a possibility of spiritual feelings, emotions and thoughts.

10) The Government soldiers – the forces of the diabolic portion of the subconscious that probably do not want the spiritual world to be exposed because it will lead to other secrets being exposed. This will reduce the power of the diabolic side and suggest letting go of the addictions, etc. that the subconscious has allowed me to use to keep part of myself safe from the real world that has to deal with real emotions that can injure the ego.

11) The third time the pit fills up slowly. Perhaps, because I am getting a better handle on my emotions and I do not become as immediately overwhelmed as I did in the past.

Dream Interpretation |Represents the Spiritual Archetype in Subconscious - Jungian Theory - A Psychoanalytic Dream

Represents the Spiritual Archetype in Subconscious – Jungian Theory – A Psychoanalytic Dream

12) However, I am still very cautious when it comes to dealing with emotions which is depicted in the ‘shower’ scene. It is dangerous going out on the ledge. The fall could hurt me badly, or the water could break my fall. Perhaps this is a caveat, I have to make sure it is safe before I wash myself with emotions or allow myself to experience them. Is there a safety net? What is the risk? And, there appears to be a fear of exposure at the end. However, I know it has always been safe with my sister to express my thoughts or since my mother has died that my sister is taking that place and I do not have to be afraid trusting her. Dream Interpretation |Represents the Spiritual Archetype in at the end of dream. - Jungian Theory - Psychoanalytic Dream Analysis End of Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation |Ellora,_The_Temple represents the spiritual archetype in Jungian Analysis.

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